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Semliki National Park

A Guide to Semuliki National Park (SNP)

Location: Semuliki National Park (SNP) is located in Bundibugyo District in western Uganda on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was established in October 1993 and is one of Uganda’s newest national parks.


Area: It covers an area of 220 square Kilo meters.

Altitude: 670-760 m above sea level.

Access: Road access from Uganda's capital city of Kampala is 330km with estimated transit time of 6 hrs through Fort Portal town. Nearby parks include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale National Park for chimps and birds and Mount Rwenzori Rwenzori National Park.

Best viewing season: The best times to visit are during the drier seasons from June to August and December to March. However, even in the wetter months activities are manageable.

Accommodation: The Park has limited accommodation facilities; however, there are a number of accommodation facilities in Fort Portal and Bundibugyo. There is a campsite at Bumaga, about 3kms from Sempaya gate. Preparation of meals is on order.

Attractions: It is the only tract of true lowland tropical forest in East Africa, hosting 441 recorded bird species and it has 63 mammal species, 9 of which are diurnal forest primates. Also we find Sempaya hotsprings where you can boil eggs and eat them on less than 20 minutes.

Fauna: Beecroft’s flying squirrel, Buffaloes, Little collared fruit bat, Blue duiker, Pigmy squirrel plus the water chevrotaain, Chimpanzees, Olive baboon, Blue monkey, Vervet monkeys, while the nocturnal primates include Galagos plus Pottos.

Viewing Hours: Semuliki National Park may be visited daily from 8h00 to 18h30.

Particularities: Two hot springs are situated in a tract of hot mineral encrusted swampland. Hike through the monkey-filled forest to these boiling, gushing springs, and cook your eggs and plantain in the bubbling waters!

Must do activities

  • Birding
  • Cultural encounters
  • Game drives
  • Hiking and nature walks
  • Hot springs
  • Night Games

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