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Mountain Gorillas – Amazing Apes in Africa

If you have always wanted to see the African savanna or jungles that they always show on TV. Provided that you have ever needed to see the animals at the zoo for example lion and elephants out in wild. Then what you are searching for is a wildlife and gorilla safari in Rwanda and Uganda. A safari can help you to see everything that you have been searching for and more. It will take you through the savanna of Uganda to see animals for example Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Giraffes, Statungas, Baboons, zebra, and mountain gorillas in the misty jungles of Bwindi National park (Uganda) and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

You can visit with the local people and also see stunning destinations that you never musing you might have the opportunity to see for yourself. Assuming that you need to see and do all of these things then make sure you don’t let it pass you by or wait until it is too late. Make sure that you book yourself a place on an African safari today to Uganda and Rwanda in East Africa.
Going on an astounding safari holiday in Uganda and Rwanda will change your life and reveal to you things that you just read about in books and watch on documentaries. While on an safari to East Africa, you will voyage through the jungles and scene of Uganda, and you will get to apprehend a glimpse at some of the world’s most attractive wildlife.

There are particular safaris where you can experience the critically endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat of Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks. You can additionally see lions and leopards in the savanna of Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National park. It is a fantastic experience.

Accommodations are always the highest standards, and you will be well taken care of. If you have habitually dreamed about taking a safari journey but never really did it, now is the time! Make a safari to Rwanda and Uganda and see a different part of our world! You will love these memories for a lifetime and have astounding stories to tell. Don’t forget your camera and extra batteries!
See the Mountain Gorilla Close Up

Mountain gorilla tracking holidays refer to a special type of nature tour that is only found in the three countries of Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. In the forests of south western part of Uganda and across the border to the west in Rwanda live several hundred mountain gorillas.

This is a critically endangered specie and there are only 880 individuals left in the whole world. Half of this population is distributed in impenetrable forests of Bwindi national park, Mgahinga and the rest of the population is found in Virunga National Park in DR Congo and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

This is according to the gorilla census of 2011. The mountain gorillas do not exist anywhere else in the wild and they are not found in captivity. Tourists pay money to buy gorilla permits as permission to trek gorillas in the wild and over 20% of that money goes toward their protection and conservation, while another percentage goes to the local community surrounding the gorilla habitats.

All the 3 countries offer gorilla trekking tours and they are done almost exactly the same. Once the tourists are given special instruction in a 30 minutes briefing about Dos and Don’ts while on gorilla tracking, a ranger guide leads small groups of eight or less into the jungles. Once the guide tracks down these gorillas, tourists are allowed to observe them for 60 minutes maximum from a distance as close as 7 meters.

A gorilla trekking permit in Uganda cost USD500 and in Rwanda, each gorilla permit costs USD750. Uganda some times has promotional offers on gorilla permits in the month of April, May and November where each gorilla permit cost USD350. Note that, the demand for gorilla permits is extremely high through-out the year. Everyone interested in participating in gorilla trekking adventure is advised to book your trip early and secure your gorilla permit thorough any credible travel agents like African Jungle Adventures ltd and Gorilla Expeditions ltd

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