Why Rent a Private Car for Holiday in Uganda

Uganda is one of the endowed destinations in the world. It comes with amazing scenery from mountains such as Rwenzori and Mount Elgon, magical nature, culture, vegetation-thick tropical rain forests, bamboo, grasslands, and many more, wildlife in its spectacular national parks and wildlife reserves.

The notable wildlife to catch a glimpse in Uganda include the rare mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, chimpanzee and many more primates as well as mammal species African elephants, leopards, buffaloes, hyenas, rhinos, lions, hippos and bird-life such as green breasted pitta, shoebill stork, black-bellied bustard as well as many migratory bird species. Below are some of the reasons why you need to rent a car in Kampala for a safari in Uganda;


No one needs to be in exposure, that is renting a car for a road trip in Uganda is the best ideal option that gives you that total privacy that anyone would wish to have while on safari. Hiring a car allows you to freely communicate on phone privately, interact with family members, friends, listen to music, and even adjust clothing based on the weather pattern.

Maximum Comfort

Everyone deserves to travel in the most comfortable car while on holiday in Uganda. Hiring one for your trip gives you adequate space for your cargo as well as open windows or air conditioners that will make you feel at home.

Time Saving

Renting a car for a trip to Uganda is one of the ways to save some money while on safari and also manage your time. You have the freedom to pick it at the agreed station or return it as agreed with the Car Hire Company. It also allows you to do things at your own pace, make stopovers as many times as you wish.


Renting a car in Uganda makes you the manager of your own trip with or with no driver-guide. You have the opportunity to purchase drinks, make stopovers at beautiful areas in the country and explore them, and then continue to the final destination of your interest. You may not find this kind of flexibility when you use public means of transportation.

Extra Services

Most car rental companies in Uganda offer extra service for you to enjoy your trip. Among these include; gorilla permit bookings, Chimpanzee permits bookings, accommodation reservations, GSP, Road Maps, and a phone with local SIM for easy communication while on your road-trip in Uganda. Other rental agencies such as 4×4 Uganda offer full camping gear including an electric fridge because it is not easy to get Ice in most parts of the country. Please note, a 4×4 car is highly recommended for a successful self-drive trip in Uganda, and these are only offered by 4×4 Uganda Limited.

Basing on the above tips, you need to rent a vehicle in Kampala to help you achieve your dreams in distinct destinations and remotest areas in the country. There are very many benefits that come as a result of renting a vehicle in Uganda and to enjoy them more, simply contact us and we shall be at your service.