Things to know for a successful Road Trip Uganda

Self-drive safaris are taking the lead in Uganda and they are replacing the guided safaris in the country. This is where the tourist drives him/herself on a trip and be in the control of the wheels and has full authority of when to be where and do what on the trip.

Rental cars Uganda Ltd is offering a wide variety of cars for you to choose from. Choose from over 20+ car models and hire by the day, week, month, or year. We are found in most of the cities in the country and most interesting we have extended our services to neighboring countries like Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. So whenever you feel like traveling around the country, Rental Cars Uganda Ltd will always be near to over 80+ pickup locations. But before you think of hiring a vehicle for self-drive, you need to know the following in order to have a successful road trip in Uganda.

Book the vehicle in advance: This is among the important thing you should think about particularly when traveling in peak seasons, for example, Christmas or Easter seasons. If you book a vehicle in advance, you have a strong bargaining power before your self-drive trip to Uganda. When you book and pay a commitment fee on your booked vehicle, you reach at the airport when you’re sure that there is a ca car waiting for you and also help you choose a perfect accommodation options base and even plan your travel time well.

Choose the best vehicle: Choosing a perfect car for self-drive in Uganda it depends on some factors like; where you’re going to travel i.e if you have intentions of traveling upcountry like in national parks, it is advisable that you choose a strong 4×4 safari vehicle and if you just want to drive around the town it better you book for a simple vehicle like a Toyota Rav4 because most roads in the city area in Uganda are in good conditions. Another factor is the number of people you’re traveling with for example if you’re with more than 4 people you will need a large vehicle like a safari van.

Avoid driving at night: due to the fact that you’re in the foreign country, you should not risk driving at night because most drives don’t respect traffic laws at night and some highways in the country are lacking street signs and lights, and it is not that easy to miss a lodge signpost. In the event that you get any problem in the middle of nowhere at night, Ugandans are so friendly people just feel free to ask anyone to direct you where you can spend the night and then think of continuing with your trip the next morning.

Choose suitable accommodation and keep their contacts: Search for suitable and good accommodation facilities near travel destinations, the staff of Rental Cars Uganda Ltd is knowledgeable enough to help you choose which accommodation to use in which national park, just feel free to ask them for assistance. They can give you all the relevant information about all the destinations you’re going to travel to and where to sleep even they can help you book the lodges and even get for you there contacts so that when you arrive there late you call them and tell them about your late arrival for proper arrangement.

Before you start your day every morning, check your vehicle and ensure that everything is ordered checklist include indicators, breaks, headlights, oil level, tire pressure for all wheels and spear tire, and check for any leakage beneath the car. For the first time, you pick a car from the car rental agent, check for the following, the validity of the insurance, the status of the tires, car jack, extinguisher, and triangle.

Respect Street Signs: The most road in Uganda has street signs, try not to neglect them and drive under the stipulated driving speed. Over speeding in the country is an offense and punished which may delay you and wind up missing your next destination in time. The speed limit on major highways is 80-100km/hr, in the trading center its 30-40km/hr, in National Parks 40-50kms/hr, on murram roads 40-60km/hr. It is also advisable that you switch on lights when driving on dusty roads and when it’s raining. In national parks, off-track driving is not allowed and you will be penalized.

Use of GPS and Road map: Most cars hire companies in Uganda to offer you GPS navigation and Road Map. These are a must while on a self-drive trip. Note that, some destinations may not be indicated on the GPS but the travel road map can be of help. But keep asking the locals for confirmation of the direction to take.

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