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How to get a best travel experience on a self-drive tour

Before any traveler experiences the most authentic gorilla safaris in Uganda, in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a city tour in Kampala Uganda’s capital, a wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth national park or perhaps a self-drive vacation in the pearl of Africa, important preparations should be done.

Having a successful self-drive trip in Uganda involves an important to do list between the traveler and the Uganda safari. This may seem overwhelming but the more planning, the greater the probability of having a memorable self-drive safari in Uganda.

Self Drive and Camping in Africa
Self Drive and Camping in Africa

Self-driving in Uganda, especially to first time trotters, or those who are not so used to Uganda roads can be stressing. However if proper steps are followed, they can engineer a memorable escape to Uganda the land of beauty.

  • Move with your documents

This seems so obvious, but it is very important to get your documents in order while self-driving through Uganda. For nationals having safaris in the country should always endeavor to move with their national identity cards. And the foreign trotters, a valid passport is something you shouldn’t ever forget to move with. This is not because Uganda is not, but rather for an emergency in case of anything. Remember that ever car hiring companies only give out their vehicles to drivers with valid driving licenses, so do’t forget them too.

  • Have a budget

While self-driving through Uganda, it is very vital to have an established budget before the real safari. This is because from the word go, a traveler is to meet several destinations, with some even cheaper than the planned destinations, but this doesn’t mean that you are to go off road to every destination because you find it attractive, yes it is good to be flexible, but on a specific budget in order to have a memorable and stress free vacation in Uganda.

Besides that, the streets are field with fresh fruits, Muchomo, hand crafts and so many other eye catching things that would force your hands to the pocket and pick some change for them. But if with a budget, it gets easier to control yourself. No traveler would love to end a safari as broke as a church mouse, keep that in mind.

  • Stick to your dream destinations

Regardless of how much a traveler is to spend, specifying dream destinations for the vacation is important even if flexibility is key in a self-driven safari. Now, having known the budget, make your must-see travel list involving even the childhood fantasies to see the king of the jungle, gorillas and so many others. Don’t forget to include excursions, cultural festivals or city tours in Uganda.

  • Book your accommodations

Remember that travelling to any strange country more than one day requires you to plan some places where to sleep. Do a little bit of research to discover different lodges with cheaper rates and exciting like the attractions you plan to visit. Make sure you choose lodges that meet your desires even exceedingly. Nothing spoils a trip as an uncomfortable accommodation setting, travelers should be keen about this.

  • Live like a local

For any trotter on a self-drive safari in Uganda to have the best out of it, it is key to live like a local on a safari in Uganda. Try as much as possible to learn some Kiganda words, simple words like greetings, appreciations and places where to stay. Have a taste of the local cuisines in local restaurants, visit communities and spend time with the local people. This helps travelers to easily catch up in the country and a trip with several stories to tell when finally back home.

  • Don’t drive for too long hours

Have yourself a schedule for driving. Some trotters schedule their time in a way that one day is for long driving hours, the next day short driving hours. This gives the driver a moderate time frame to rest and regain more energy for the next day for long driving hours. It also gives the traveler chances to explore the off beaten destinations without inconveniencing anyone.

Still, even the safety and security in Uganda is not the one that really guarantees safe moving at night, so it is better not to drive when it starts getting dark.

Note that any self-driver on a trip to Uganda shouldn’t forget to follow the road signs. Otherwise with those simple steps, plus some other important things to remember, all travelers would have the best travel experience on a self-drive tour in Uganda.

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