Driving tips for Safe self drive trip in Uganda

Thinking of a self-drive trip to Uganda is the best choice every adventure lover should make, due to the variety of attractions in the country like the 13 wildlife parks all filled with amazing and unique wildlife, diverse culture among others. But before you think of getting online to looking for a car rental company from where you will hire the car to use on your self-drive trip, we recommend that you read through our safe driving tips to have a safe and interesting self-drive trip in Uganda. Read about the traffic rules and personal measures to take after as you are driving on Ugandan roads.

Don’t drink and drive
In Uganda driving under the influence of alcohol is a big crime and it’s punishable, this was made serious and strict like 2 years back after the increasing accidents which were mostly caused by drunken drivers and the Uganda Traffic Police introduced the breath tasting machines locally known as Kawuntemu. DUI does not only make the driver lose concentration but also reduces the driver’s vision and steering stability the thing which causes accidents. Death caused by DUI can easily be avoided if a driver is smart enough to not get behind the wheel when he’s drunk.

Always wear a safety belt
Driving without a safety belt on is a traffic offense everywhere throughout the world and rightly so since this could be a lifesaver in case of any collision. Try to not get caught by highway traffic police just because of a simple action that can also save your life. You should not forget to strap on the belt before you start car or after a stop, in case of an accident the seat belt will be the only main thing that can save you from being hurled around or outside through the windscreen. The odds of surviving a crash with the belt on are high plus you will avoid tickets and some money.

Avoid all kinds of distractions
It’s advisable to avoid all the distractions while you’re driving, things like phones and other electronic devices should be avoided. The most known vice that causes distraction and accidents are phone and texting these may appear like simple things but will make you lose concentration and in case of any mistake, it may lead to a fatal accident. Thinks like eating, chatting with passengers, applying makeup, adjusting music volume, changing radio channels, and even trying to plug in the phone into the charger while driving can also distract that thing which may cause accidents. Always keep your eyes on the road not forgetting that a single mistake can cause death.

Avoid Over speeding & overtaking
More than 70% of the road accidents everywhere throughout the world are brought on by high speeding drivers in a rush or on showoff. Regardless of whether you are in the race to get someplace in time or simply speeding to awe somebody, you ought to always remember that SPEED KILLS, try to keep the average speed of 80km/hr and just overtaking when you have a perfect view of the coming vehicles passing by. Take as much time as is needed and spare an existence today.

Don’t drive when tired
When organizing a to travel a long trip, it’s advisable to have enough rest and also pack some water and snacks to keep you awake on the drive. Getting in the driver’s seat when feeling tired is a huge mistake as you can doze off and you get to realize it when you already knocked another vehicle on the road or when you have lost control of the car. It’s advisable that in case you feel sleepy, you can just stop over somewhere and take a short break, stretch your muscles, take an energy drink or eat something and then hit the road again and continue with the trip after refreshment.

Look out for bad weather
When going to remote destinations like villages or wildlife parks, never forget that the weather can change unexpectedly. Heavy rain and fog are bad conditions to drive in thus you ought to consider reducing the speed to around 30km/hr or even getting somewhere to park and wait for the rain to stop to avoid the accident and even getting the vehicle stuck in the muddy road.