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Uganda is one of the endowed destinations in the world. It comes with amazing scenery from mountains such as Rwenzori and Mount Elgon, magical nature, culture, vegetation-thick tropical rain forests, bamboo, grasslands and many more, wildlife in its spectacular national parks and wildlife reserves.

The notable wildlife to catch a glimpse in Uganda include the rare mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, red tailed monkeys, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, chimpanzee and many more primates as well as mammal species African elephants, leopards, buffaloes, hyenas, rhinos, lions, hippos and bird-life such as green breasted pitta, shoe bill stork, black bellied bustard as well as many migratory bird species. Below are some of the reasons why you need to rent a car in Kampala for a safari in Uganda;


No one needs to be in exposure, that is renting a car for a roadtrip in Uganda is the best ideal option that gives you that total privacy that anyone would wish to have while on safari. Hiring a car allows you to freely communicate on phone privately, interact with family members, friends, listen to music, and even adjust clothing based on the weather pattern.

Maximum Comfort

Every one deserves to travel in the most comfortable car while on holiday in Uganda. Hiring one for your trip gives you adequate space for your cargo as well as open windows or air conditioner that will make you feel at home.

Time saving

Renting a car for a trip in Uganda is one of the ways to save some money while on safari and also manage your time. You have freedom to pick it at agreed station or return it as agreed with car Hire Company. It also allows you to do things at your own pace, make stopovers as many times as you wish.


Renting a car in Uganda makes you the manager of your own trip with or with no driver guide. You have opportunity to purchase drinks, make stopovers at beautiful areas in the country and explore them and then continue to the final destination of your interest. You may not find this kind of flexibility when you use public means of transportation.

Extra Services

Most car rental companies in Uganda offer extra service for you to enjoy your trip. Among these include; gorilla permit bookings, Chimpanzee permits bookings, accommodation reservations, GSP, Road Maps and a phone with local SIM for easy communication while on your road-trip in Uganda. Other rental agencies such as 4x4 Uganda offer a full camping  gear including electric fridge because it is not easy to get Ice in most parts of the country. Please note, a 4x4 car is highly recommended for a successful self drive trip in Uganda, and these are only offered by 4x4 Uganda Limited.

Basing on the above tips, you need to rent a vehicle in Kampala to help you achieve your dreams in distinct destinations and remotest areas in the country. There are very many benefits that come as result of renting a vehicle in Uganda and to enjoy them more, simply contact us and we shall be at your service.

Everyone always considers what he or she buys or consumers basing on how much he or she is spending on each item thus making one a rational consumer. Customers or consumers always opt for services that are at affordable prices since money is a scarce resource. And of course people that make use of these car rental services always wanted to use less for more benefit on their trips.
Some of the simple ways on how to save money on car rentals are provided below;

Try avoiding big car rental companies

It is a fact that big car rental agencies always raise their standards and at times and ends up charging high prices for the car hire services even when these services are similar with medium companies. They are always fixed and do not appeal to everyone. Look for small car hire companies in your destination of interest for the best quote and good services. It is true that small and medium car rental companies provide comfortable and full packages because they always take their customers to be precious since they may not have a flow of customers at a given time. And though they are small or medium Agencies, they offer similar car rental services as big companies.

Consider companies that give discounts

Travelers always consider this to be a greatest way of saving money as you are given car hire services at reduced price. Companies always give discount coupons to their loyal customers in a specified period of time of traveling and also to clients that hire cars for long period of time. This always acts as one of the ways of promotion.

Deal with relatively small cars

Of course smaller cars are cheaper than big cars but this depends on the size of your travel mass, for example if you are traveling like a family, you can opt to a small car. But if you are travelling alone or few people, there is no need of travelling by a big car. A small car can serve you the same purpose and at a cheaper price. A live example is Toyota Rav4 Vs Toyota Prado, renting a Rav4 is cheaper than renting a Prado but they serve almost similar purpose, they are both 4 wheel drive (4wd), and the maintenance cost as well as cost of fuel is cheaper with a Toyota Rav4.

4x4 Toyota rav4

Consider long term rates

Try putting into consideration renting a car for a long period of time like two (02) weeks or more. The longer the hiring time, the less the cost incurred. This is because car hire companies tend to give some discounts to customers who hire cars for a long period of time.

Opt for travel packages

If you are going for a vacation in Southern or Eastern Africa and you opt to hire a car for self drive to facilitate transportation services, always do it with a tour and travel company because they work hand in hand with car rental Agencies in order to simplify some work for the traveler. By using a tour and travel agent you will have around your tour items all booked at once; that is, accommodation, car, entry fees and food and these always come with a discount. Further more, Travel Agencies can book for you a car and a professional driver / tour guide at a very low price, and all items mentioned above can be booked for you at a discounted price unlike when you book them by your self. In other words, tour operators are given discount on some items on the safari like accommodation and entry permits, and a discount can not be given to you as an individual.

Thinking of a self drive trip to Uganda is the best choice every adventure lover should make, due to the variety of attractions in the country like the 13 wildlife parks all filled with amazing and unique wildlife, diverse culture among others. But before you think of getting online to looking for a car rental company from where you will hire the car to use on your self-drive trip, we recommend that you read through our safety driving tips to have a safe and interesting self drive trip in Uganda. Read about the traffic rules and personal measures to take after as you are driving on Ugandan roads.

Don't drink and drive
In Uganda driving under the influence of alcohol is a big crime and it’s punishable, this was made serious and strict like 2 years back after the increasing accidents which were mostly caused by drunken drivers and the Uganda Traffic Police introduced the breath tasting machines locally known as Kawuntemu. DUI does not only make the driver lose concentration but also reduces driver’s vision and steering stability the thing which causes accidents. Death caused by DUI can easily be avoided if a driver is smart enough to not get behind the wheel when his drunk.

Always wear a safety belt
Driving without a safety belt on is a traffic offense everywhere throughout the world and rightly so since this could be a life saver in case of any collision. Try not to not get caught by highway traffic police just because of a simple action which can also save your life. You should not forget to strap on the belt before you start car or after a stop, in case of any accident the seat belt will be only main thing that can save you from being hurled around or outside through the wind screen. The odds of surviving a crash with the belt on are high plus you will avoid tickets and some money.

Avoid all kinds of distractions
It’s advisable to avoid all the distractions while you’re driving, things like phones and other electronic devices should be avoided. The most known vice that causes distraction and accidents are phone and texting these may appear like simple things but will make you lose concentration and in case of any mistake it may lead to a fatal accident. Thinks like eating, chatting with passengers, applying makeup, adjusting music volume, changing radio channels and even trying to plug in the phone into the charger while driving can also distract that thing which may cause accident. Always keep your eyes on the road not forgetting that a single a single mistake can cause death.

Avoid Over speeding & over taking
More than 70% of the road accidents everywhere throughout the world are brought on by high speeding drivers in a rush or on showoff. Regardless of whether you are in race to get some place in time or simply speeding to awe somebody, you ought to always remember that SPEED KILLS, try to keep the average speed of 80km/hr and just over take when you have a perfect view of the coming vehicles passing by. Take as much time as is needed and spare an existence today.

Don't drive when tired
When organizing a to travel a long trip, it’s advisable to have enough rest and also pack some water and snacks to keep you awake on the drive. Getting in the driver’s seat when feeling tired is huge mistake as you can doze off and you get to realize it when you already knocked another vehicle on the road or when you have lost control of the car. Its advisable that in case you feel sleepy, you can just stop over somewhere and take a short break, stretch your muscles, take an energy drink or eat something and then hit the road again and continue with trip after refreshment.

Look out for bad weather
When going to remote destinations like village or wildlife parks, never forget that the weather can change un-expectedly. Heavy rain and fog are bad conditions to drive in thus you ought to consider reducing the speed to around 30km/hr or even getting somewhere to park and wait for the rain to stop to avoid accident and even getting the vehicle stuck in muddy road.

Phenomenal is one of the many words that can be used to describe the beautiful, breath taking Murchison Falls National Park. Found in Uganda at the northern end of the Albertine rift valley and the largest national park in Uganda. Murchison Falls is one of the places one should go to have a wonderful time and experience the biggest connection with Mother Nature.

With its exotic beauty, Murchison Falls National Park has become one of Uganda’s biggest tourist attractions. There are so many different activities one can do here like; Nature walks, hiking, sport fishing on the Albert Nile where by you stand a chance of catching 20 kg big fish for yourself. A boat cruise at the Albert Nile is worthy a talk as here one get to enjoy the sea bliss as one breathes in the fresh Uganda air and also has a glance on the aquatic life that is hippos from the distance, the elephants at the bank of the river and also so many interesting birds at the shores.

While at Murchison national park, you can get to explore a lot of wildlife and see many different wild animals like; Giraffes, Buffaloes, white hippos and crocodiles on the banks of the longest river in the world, the Nile River when you take a half day game drive. You get to know why these animals are called wild as they hang out in an environment where the fittest and the most resilient survive.

Visiting Murchison Falls National Park would not be complete without getting to see its centre piece, the one thing that makes this place what it is, the Murchison falls. It’s white, rapid waters flowing from the River Nile, gushing down and drifting off into Lake Albert. The sight of this is simply amazing. At the top of the fall, you witness how the mighty Nile forces its way through a narrow stream of about 6 metres down the Lake Albert as it makes a devil like sound and sprouting water fountain as it is subdued in Lake Albert.

Murchison Falls National Park is a place that one should definitely go to, so grab your family or friends and take a trip here to have a fun and delightful time. Many people who have visited this park have had a good experience and the experience has given them a second reason to pay a visit one more time.However note that, some parts of the park are inaccessible during rain season, and you are advise to rent a 4x4 Toyota prado, Land rover, Land Cruiser Hardtop among others. Those are the most common safari vehicles used in Uganda especially in Murchison Falls National Park.

Self drive safaris are taking the lead in Uganda and they are replacing the guided safaris in the country. This is where the tourist drives him / herself on a trip and be in the control of the wheels and has full authority of when to be where and do what on the trip.

Rental cars Uganda Ltd is offering a wide variety of car for you to choose from. Choose from over 20+ car models and hire by day, week, month or year. We are found in most of the cities in the country and most interesting we have extended our services to the neighboring countries like Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. So whenever you feel like travelling around the country, Rental Cars Uganda Ltd will always be near with over 80+ pickup locations. But before you think of hiring a vehicle for self drive, you need to know the fallowing in order to have a successful road trip in Uganda.

Book the vehicle in advance: This is among the important thing you should think about particularly when travelling in peak seasons, for example, Christmas or Easter seasons. If you book a vehicle in advance, you have a strong bargaining power before your self-drive trip to Uganda. When you book and pay commitment fee on your booked vehicle, you reach at the airport when you’re sure that there is a ca car waiting for you and also help you choose a perfect accommodation options base and even plan your travel time well.

Choose a best vehicle: Choosing a perfect car for self drive in Uganda it depends on some factors like; where you’re going to travel i.e if you have intensions of travelling up country like in national parks, it is advisable that you choose a strong 4x4 safari vehicle and if you just want to drive around the town it better you book for a simple vehicle like a Toyota Rav4 because most roads in city area in Uganda are in good conditions. Another factor is the number of people you’re travelling with for example if you’re with more than 4 people you will need a large vehicle like a safari van.

Avoid driving at night: due to the fact that you’re in the foreign country, you should not risk driving at night because most drive don’t respect traffic laws at night and some highways in the country are lacking street signs and lights, and it is not that easy to miss a lodge sign post. In the event that you get any problem in the middle of nowhere at night, Ugandans are so friendly people just feel free to ask anyone to direct you where you can spend the night and then think of continuing with your trip the next morning.

Choose suitable accommodation and keep their contacts: Search for suitable and good accommodation facilities near travel destinations, the staff of Rental Cars Uganda Ltd are knowledgeable enough to help you choose which accommodation to use in which national park, just feel free to ask them for assistance. They can give you all the relevant information about all the destinations you’re going to travel to and where to sleep even they can help you book the lodges and even get for you there contacts so that when you arrive there late you call them and tell them about your late arrival for proper arrangement.

Before you start your day every morning, check your vehicle and ensure that everything is order checklist include indicators, breaks, head lights, oil level, tyre pressure for all wheels and spear tyre and check for any leakage beneath the car. On the first time you pick a car from the car rental agent, check for the fallowing, validity of insurance, status of the tyres, car jack, extinguisher and triangle.

Respect street Signs: Most road in Uganda has street signs, try not to neglect them and drive under the stipulated driving speed. Over speeding in the country is an offense and punished which may delay you and wind up missing your next destination in time. Speed limit on major highways is 80-100km/hr, in trading center its 30-40km/hr, in National Parks 40-50kms/hr, on murram roads 40-60km/hr. It is also advisable that you switch on lights when driving on dusty roads and when it's raining. In national parks, off track driving is not allowed and you will be penalized.

Use of GPS and Road map: Most car hire companies in Uganda offer you GPS navigation and Road Map. These are a must while on a self drive trip. Note that, some destinations may not be indicated on the GPS but the travel road map can be of help. But keep asking the locals for confirmation of the direction to take.

For all car rental services in Uganda, contact us by visiting our website: www.rentalcarsuganda.com or through Email: info@ rentalcarsuganda.com OR call +256773728141.

If you’re looking for a car to hire for business or safari travel in Uganda, the best way to save money is to perfectly compare the prices of the car online and not only the rates put on the websites since prices can change at any time based on the economic conditions and the personal needs. These are some of the things you have to know before hiring a car in Uganda. From the size of the car, the number of people you’re going to travel with, prices, special discounts, company status to a required driver documents and extra rates included.

The size of the car matters
Most car rental companies in the country charge you according to the size of the vehicle you want to hire. The size of the car is determined by the number of people it carry, seating capacity and car model type. Large vehicles like minivans and minibuses can carry up to 15 – 50 passengers and small cars like sedans can take a maximum of 5 people and they all charged differently.

Special discounts
Before you hire car in Uganda, another thing you should consider is discount, many companies in Uganda offer special discount to clients in different days, season and the according to the size of the group. At 4x4 Uganda Ltd we offer special discount at any client who is booking the vehicle for long days like 5 and above. Even when you’re in a group when you need like 2 or more cars at once, we have your special discount. For those on weekend getaways still you can also ask for your 30% discount in weekend car.

The number of people and size of luggage you’re travelling with
This is also another factor that can affect the price of the car you will hire, in the way that if you travelling independently or as a couple, you will just need a simple 4 door passenger vehicle like Toyota Rav 4, Premio or any other economical car to save money on rates of fuel and even those small vehicles are offered at low price. But if you’re travelling as a group like family and carrying huge luggage, then you will need a large vehicle like minibus which can accommodate many passengers and luggage even sometimes you might need an extra vehicle to carry your luggage.

Destination where you’re hopping to travel to
This is another important factor you should not undermined when hiring a car in Uganda, for example if you’re going to drive just within the city centre its better you get a simple car like Rav 4, but when you’re going to travel upcountry like to explore Uganda national parks, its recommended that you hire a 4x4 safari vehicle because most roads upcountry are in bad conditions, so you might get stranded there if you take a small car.

Valid driving permit/license is required
This is any another thing you should consider when hopping to hire a car in Uganda. All car rental companies in Uganda before giving you their car, they ask for your valid driving permit and they remain with a photocopy of your driving permit and passport photo, and it’s also recommended to keep the traffic laws and also to be patient when you’re on road.

Car rental Company Status
Before thinking of hiring a car from a certain company, you should first research on that company you want to deal with because there are many fake companies online. So before wiring your commitment fee to any company first make sure the company is fully registered, reliable and if they are offering fair rates.

Ask about the hidden chrages
Before you decide to hire the vehicle from any company in Uganda, you should ask about the priced and hidden charges to avoid disappointments at last time. You should talk about the fuel charges whether it is included on the prices most car company offer rates without fuel and driver so it’s better to talk about it before you hire. Also most companies charge extra money if you return the vehicle past on the agreed date.

Other fees that may apply include; GPS device, Travel map, camping bags among others
For more information about hiring cars in Uganda, visit our website www.4x4uganda.com or send us an Email at info@4x4ugada.com or call us on +256-392-000834 and hire a car of your choice today.

3 Day Self Drive Tour to Kyaninga Lodge in Uganda

If you want to see chimpanzees in Uganda, Kibale National Park is the number 1 destination for this activity. It is located in the western part of Uganda, about 315km from Kampala capital.

Kyaninga Lodge

Kibale National Park is a home to 13 primate species which include chimpanzees, Baboons, Colobus monkeys, Grey Cheeked Mangabeys, Red-tailed monkeys, Blue monkeys, Galagoes and many others.

The major tourist activities include chimpanzee tracking, Chimpanzee habituation Experience, bird watching and nature walk among others. To explore Kibale National Park, one requires a minimum of 3 days / 2 nights. One of the best places to stay while on  a safari to Kibale National Park is Kyaninga lodge, a 5 star accommodation unit near Kibale forest.

About Kyaninga Lodge

Kyaninga Lodge is one of the luxury accommodations in Kibale forest national park in Uganda. Kyaninga is famous for offering the excellent services to the world standards. The Lodge is situated against a stunning backdrop of Lake Kyaninga and the legendary Mountains of the Moon.

The exceptional design and sheer scale of the main lodge is immediately apparent from the moment one crests the hill and Kyaninga Lodge comes into view. Kyaninga Lodge is a home away from home and once inside, the lodge offers comfortable seating areas set around an imposing double-sided open fireplace where one can enjoy a cosy evening over a good book, a board game or a drink from the bar.

Kyaninga Lodge also contains the restaurant where delicious meals compete with stunning views on both sides. Two raised galleries offer intimate spaces for those wishing to absorb the panorama in a more private setting. On the lake side, the main lodge leads to two decks furnished with comfortable loungers, while steps hewn from local volcanic rock lead down to the swimming pool and on to two lawned terraces overlooking the deep blue water and primeval forest of Lake Kyaninga itself.

Kyaninga Lodge has 8 luxury cottages built on platforms and set apart to offer privacy and tranquility. Access to the cottages from the main lodge is via a raised wooden walkway. Other facilities here include Airport Shuttle Service, Swimming Pool, and Fireplace among others.

Getting There

Kibale National Park / Kyaninga Lodge can be accessed by road via Mubende. Another route is via Mbarara and cross the Equator. By Air, you can flight to Kasese Airstrip. Aero Link Uganda has daily scheduled flights from Entebbe Airstrip. However, you should organize ground transportation from the airstrip to the lodge, or you can hire a car in Kampala or Kasese and drive your self. Car rental in Uganda is now very popular and this has led to rapid development of self drive adventures.

Proposed Itinerary for 3 day Uganda tour

Day 1: Leave Kampala in the morning, transfer to Kibale Forest, lunch in Fort Portal Town, check-in Kyaninga lodge, relax as you wait for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Half day chimpanzee tracking and afternoon nature walk (To Bigodi swamps, or nearby communities or Crater Lakes region), Or we go for chimpanzee habituation experience (Full day with chimps) all meals and overnight Kyaninga lodge.

Day3: Reserved for departure

The average cost for 2 persons is US$950 per person including 2 nights at Kyaninga lodge, private transportation in a 4wd safari vehicle, services of a professional English speaking driver / tour guide, all meals and bottled mineral water for refreshment, chimpanzee tracking permits for US$150 each.

Uganda is now among the best destinations to travel to on a self drive tour particularly if teamed up with camping. All these camping equipments are hired at relatively affordable prices as low as 10USD from African Jungle Adventures Limited. A self drive holiday in Uganda offers a memorable experience to particularly primates, wildlife and adventure lovers.

An undeniably popular choice, self drive tours in Uganda allows you the flexibility of free versatility while affording you the genuine feelings of serenity to know that your route is an established one, tried and tested so you won't go over any unwelcome surprises. All the accommodation if you wish can be booked in advance for you by the knowledgeable and experienced staff of Uganda Car Hire and our tour package itineraries guarantee you to include the highlights of this safari paradise seen from your 4×4 self drive vehicles.

As another option for scheduled safaris, self drive holidays in Uganda allow you to determine your schedule, freeing you from the limitations of an inflexible tour program, and giving you a chance to enjoy the wild landscape of Uganda, Rwanda and the surrounding countries in the East African region at your own pace.

In spite of the fact that Uganda has tarred roads in the major cities, exploring the rest of the country is a little bit hectic because of the fact that most of the roads connecting to the different national parks and tourist destinations are not in good conditions, so this your advised to use 4×4 vehicles that are readily available at a relatively affordable prices from Uganda Car Hire. Self derive safaris in a 4x4 vehicle let you experience all the self sufficient adventure connected with rough road safaris while inconspicuously guiding you through untamed pearl of Africa.

Under Uganda car rental's accommodation accord, organization is the main fact for a successful safari: careful planning, a complete stock, adequate supplies, ample drinking water, equipment for off road safaris and camping equipment all should be considered before you set off. Uganda Car Hire take care of all these points of interest for you, giving you a completely equipped 4×4 self drive safari vehicle, prepared for any eventuality that you may experience on your safari. A flexible itinerary is in place to guarantee you find decent campgrounds and accommodation on your route.

Uganda Car Hire has been arranging and tailoring delectable self drive safaris, holidays and vacation since 2001. We have an in depth and knowledge of Uganda, its climate, facilities, and an established system of approved accommodation and 4×4 rental affiliates. Each part of you're self drive safari is authorize by Uganda car Hire to guarantee you have the best and memorable trip with less hassle or concern. Our well trained and experience travel consultants can answer any question you may have relating to your Uganda self drive holiday.

We can deal take care of all aspects of your self-driving safaris, we organize the accommodation, vehicle for hire and your route considering your own preferences, individual needs and hobbies. We additionally offer budge self drive packages intended to suit budge travelers searching for affordable self drive safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and the neighboring East African nations.

While the allure of a Uganda safari and independent travel introduces an amazing prospect to numerous adventurers, it does include a sure measure of hard work, effort and tour know-how despite the fact that your route is planned and your equipment provided. Some travelers like to experience Uganda's tough camping by overland safari, others would prefer not to go on luxury accommodation.

What makes our self drive tours in a 4x4 vehicle so unique is that you are in the driver's seat which implies when you are in a game watching drive through one of Africa's premium national game parks, you are driving, you choose how long to spend watching wildlife, you choose when it is time to move on. This gives you some flexibility in your day, perhaps you need to stop on the side of the road and purchase some bananas and chat to local people, or spend a couple of hours looking at Murchison Falls or choose to spend all day the day sitting at a watering hole watching a pride of lions in the Murchison Falls National Park.

Then again, there are some tourists who want to hire their own car together with their camping equipment with a driver and go for a guided tour. On most of our guided self drive safari we offer a good and well maintained 4x4 Land Cruiser for between 2-4 people. Your hired vehicle comes complete with camping gears and all the essentials vital for comfort and practicality. We also offers a number of tours through the East African countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo regardless of how long you want to spend with the vehicle. We have been running and organizing these self drive expeditions for many years and we are among the few operators in Uganda offering multi country tours. Most tour companies in Uganda offer a self drive safari to Uganda however with Uganda Car Hire you have the chance to go through numerous countries particularly in the East African region.

Below are some of the important camping gears that are ready to be hired out to our clients;

  • Gas cylinders
  • Cooking utensils
  • Camping chairs and tables
  • Battery powered lamp
  • Camping stove
  • Torch

So visit Uganda Car Hire Ltd on ugandacarhire.biz or its mother company African Jungle Adventures Ltd on www.junglesafarisuganda.com and experience an amazing African tour and vacations in one of our 4X4 Camper vehicles. Rent a completely equipped 4X4 vehicles live Toyota Rav4, Toyota Premio, Noah among others or you can hire a luxury 4x4 self drive vehicle like Toyota Land Cruiser, Benz Ml, Nissan Patrol and enjoy a self drive tour into the region’s most amazing national park, game reserves and wilderness areas and enjoy the freedom of flexibility of the self drive tour.