Essential Considerations when Hiring a Car in Kenya

There are many reasons why someone may want to hire a car in Kenya, some hire cars to so self-drive safaris, some to go shopping, some to visit friends, and others hire vehicles in Kenya for business trips. But to successfully hire a car in Kenya, it is necessary to make some preparations, and here are the main important considerations when hiring a car in Kenya to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Do Your Homework before Hiring a Car

Many people fail to properly research the type of vehicle they want before hitting the car rental agency desk. It is easy to be influenced by car rental agent’s suggestions, and impulsively hire a car that may not be truly needed. Before hiring a car, it is essential to first find out the reason why you hiring a car so that you can choose a suitable vehicle accordingly. Additionally, you can check the approximate pricing of the desired car online so that you can get where to start to bargain on the price.

Avoid talking too much

When you reach the car rental desk, it’s advisable to not talk too much especially not to reveal personal emotions or appear overly enthusiastic. It is also important not to indicate a desperate need for a car or don’t show your ability to pay. Once the car rental agent has this information, you will be in a disadvantaged position, and it will be difficult to negotiate a favorable price.

Have Realistic Expectations about Your Needs

Before contacting a car rental agent, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your driving needs. Select a car based on your actual situation, considering factors such as driving time and the length of your trips. In case you planning to travel to remote up-country areas, you must be specific that you need 4×4 vehicles and in case you are just around the city, a small vehicle can be perfect for you.

Don’t Let Car Rental Agents Manipulate You

When hiring a car, it is essential to stick to your budget. The rental agents will try to offer more attractive offers advising you to add some little money for an upgrade. Either they upgrade you at no extra cost or they get you the car that fits your budget or else you can try another company that has the car option that fits your budget.

Avoid hiring at the peak season of the year

Unless it is urgent, it is best not to hire a car during the peak season of the year (July to October and January to February) since rental agents offer fewer discounts during this period. It’s advisable to travel in the low season of the year when the car rental agents have few customers and they offer huge discounts.

Be sure to shop around

The best way, to get a cheap car rental deal in Kenya, is by doing shopping whereby you go on inquiring from several car rental agencies to compare prices so that you can get the best deal.