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Are you planning to travel for conference meetings in Uganda but you do not know which car to use? Whereas the largest number of visitors traveling to Uganda comes mainly for safari experiences in the protected areas or any famous tourist attractions in the country, others may opt for business tour and after may be go for leisure.

Hiring a private car is undoubtedly the safest and most comfortable way to get you around Kampala city centre where your conference will be conducted. We have several saloon cars that are best for business visitors who are searching for the pocket friendly and private means to traverse in Uganda. Whether you prefer traveling on self drive or with a driver, all your needs can be addressed within expected time. Take advantage of cheap car hire in Uganda by booking early / in advance, give your self time and contact different car rental agencies in Uganda. This means, you get offers from different service providers. Below are some of the best sedan cars for you to rent in Uganda;

The Toyota Rav4

This type of car is a 4wd SUV and features among the famous sedan vehicles not for taking a safari to national parks in Uganda but also for visitors traveling for conference meetings in the country. The Rav4 comes with better air conditioner, comfortable seats, enough space for luggage and good exterior view worthy for your conferences in Uganda. They can be hired at a pocket friendly price and costs exclude that of fuel.

4x4 Rav4 - 5 Doors

The Toyota Premio

This is kinder the oldest sedan vehicles in Uganda but most first time drivers enjoy navigating using it for several years now. It comes in a four door and it is less costly and best for conference or business visitors looking for budget transportation means to and from the point where the meeting is held.

Mercedes Benz

For visitors who are interested in VIP transportation and need to impress the delegates, the Mercedes Benz is worthy choosing. They come in S, C, E or GL class and they offer the best comfort and better exterior and interior with leather seats, air conditioners, MP3 or CD players as well as adequate space for luggage. The price is within the visitor’s budget and isn’t exploitative.

If you are planning to travel to Uganda for conference meetings within Kampala or any big town and you need the pocket friendly and classic sedan vehicles to rent, simply contact our car hire company and your dreams will come true.

Are you searching for the car rental for self drive or guided tour in Rwanda and Uganda? With variety of our excellent car rentals, clients need not to be worried with adventures in Rwanda. Based on our experience in this field, our clients won’t regret taking up our car hire services while on vacation in the Land of a Thousand Hills and the Pearl of Africa. If you are planning to spend your vacation in these spectacular destinations, we have variety of cars for you to rent and you will certainly make your dreams come true in Africa. Whether you are interested in city tours, self drive or guided safari to national parks, historical sites your interests shall be covered. Below is a list of incredible and most popular rental cars in Uganda and Rwanda that you should try out.

4x4 Toyota Rav4

This is the leading compact crossover SUV. It comes in small size and it is pocket friendly to visitors who intend to visit Rwanda and Uganda for vacation whether on self drive or guided safaris. It is the most sought after car for self drive tours basically because it features as the least fuel consumer compared to the rest of cars. This type accommodates from two to five visitors comfortably and it has adequate space for cargo packing.

4x4 Rav4 - 5 Doors

4x4 Safari Land Cruiser

This comes as a 4 x 4 Land Cruiser and it accommodates up to six visitors with adequate room for travelers’ cargo and equipment. It is air conditioned, with pop up roof that allows visitors to view the wide range of wildlife species as well as the surrounding attractions of their interest along the way. Compared to the rest of cars, the Land Cruiser is the best for you to navigate through the remotest areas on East Africa to explore its stunning protected areas. They are pocket friendly, comfortable and reliable for safaris. Alternatively, you can also Rent a Safari Land Cruiser 7 seater and this accommodates about 6 to 7 people.

Safari Land Cruiser, Highly recommended

4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser VX/V8

This is equally good for exploring Rwanda and Uganda. This car has air conditioner and it accommodates up to 5 visitors. There is a pop up roof which allows visitors to view wild animals while on game drives as well as the vast areas along their way. They come in two categories-manual and automatic transmission, petrol and diesel engine and you are free to choose the one which best for you.

4x4 Toyota Super custom

This is a 4wheel drive vehicle perfect for visitors who are planning to travel with their families or even small groups. The Toyota super custom accommodates up to 7 visitors comfortably and they have adequate room for one to stretch his or her legs as well as packing space for cargo. They have a modified sky room of them as well for one to adjust in case of any need for sun light. Some Super Customs come with Pop-up roof for excellent game viewing and photographing.

4x4 Super Custom with Pop-up Roof

4x4 Toyota Prado (TX / TZ / GX)

For travelers who are planning to travel in a group this is the best option for you. This type accommodates up to 5 visitors and it comes in a 4 wheel drive and it is best for game drives, with big space for luggage.

4x4 Land cruiser TX, with a Pop Up Roof

Minivans/Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace is another 4wheel drive car that is suited for group travelers interested in wildlife viewing. This accommodates up to 10 travelers.

With the above listed car rentals we believe that you will have the best vacation in Rwanda. Hire one and you will have the best comfort that you have ever thought about in your life.