Travel Guide, Highlights by Easy Voyage Company

Easy voyage Waste Disposal offers you unique travel guide, written by 17 of our team. The guide is constantly updated by these specialists in the world of travel.
This will allows you get all the necessary information about different countries like travel maps and essential tips for planning your trip.

You will also find articles on landscapes, cities and monuments, culture, flora and fauna of the countries and certain reports.

To get an even more complete view on the destination you have chosen, an Easy voyage also offers you a hotel guide written by our team of journalists Easy experts.
The wording travels around the world to qualify 120 hotels considering objective criteria, in order to give a complete review about the hotel of your choice.
Bon voyage to all!

The continents

Africa Guide/Highlights
Come listen to the African songs to the beat of drums. The continent of pyramids, medinas, deserts, oases and human warmth with visitors.

Asian Continent
The continent of a thousand spices, Confucius and Buddha, India and its colors, vast China, the mysterious monuments and breathtaking landscapes, have no choice but to meet you.

South America

Try the chili, hear the trumpets and drums, enjoy the sun, discover the land of the Incas and Get into the joy of living! Then Argentina and Brazil to experience the Iguazu falls. Brazil also has the Great Amazon Forest, Amazonas River as well as beautiful sandy beaches of Rio De Janeiro.
North America
The new world is presented with its skyscrapers, national parks and the beauty of its landscapes, including its eccentricities and its peculiar culture.
Come dance and have fun in a region where the musical diversity is impressive: salsa, reggae, Creole or Calypso music … everyone will be satisfied. Visit their paradisaical nature, without forgetting their original populations that welcome you with open arms.

Discover the old continent with its historic monuments that have marked the history of a country that, despite being next, are totally different from each other by their culture and traditions.
Middle East

The cradle of civilization, the birthplace of the three major religions of the world, the origin of oil … No doubt, a region rich in every way.

Welcome to OZ! The continent of kangaroos and koalas, surfers, and magnificent beaches … Come to dance to the sound of the didgeridoo and aborigines.
Indian Ocean

The sea of a thousand colors and underwater species. With twelve different flavors that come from the spice islands of Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius, Seychelles, and the Maldives.
Pacific Ocean

The Pacific islands and their coconut trees, sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters that force you to bathe in its waters and visit this exotic paradise.