North-western Zambia to blow horns for tourism

North-Western Province is known as the richest province in Zambia because of the thriving mining activities in the region. It has become the place to be for investors and those who want to do business with the mining companies are found here.

Alongside mining, this area is known for massive tourism potential that can help turn-around the fortunes of the area, if well-harnessed. Yes, we are talking about a rich province, not only from the mineral perspective but also from the natural resources that lie untapped.

To that note, however, this is deliberate efforts that are being put together by the North-Western province administration to ensure that the tourism potential is exploited towards the National Economic transformation deserves absolute support from all stakeholders. Indeed, the provincial administration deserves accolades for mooting ‘Destination North-Western,’ with a pulsating mandate of promoting the area through tourism.

The overall objective of ‘Destination North-Western’ concept is to realize increased inflows of investment in various economic sectors of the province and encourage tourist visits to important heritage sites and cultural events.

The concept was eloquently outlined at a thought-provoking and forward-looking inaugural ‘Destination North-Western’ tourism stakeholder consultative meeting at Solwezi Lodge recently. The gathering aimed to lay down a framework for the new initiative.

Tourism has gone global in the 21st century, and the North-Western provincial administration has preferred a meaningful and natural route to uplift Zambia’s economic development. It should be noted that tourism earns a lot of foreign exchange for Zambia.