Nigeria to Learn from Kenya’s Cultural Tourism Experience

Cultural tourism in Kenya is one of the most wonderful and most wanted by many tourists. Among the top cultural site in Kenya include Lwanda Magere stone, Ramogi Hills, Kit mikaye, Crying stones, Bullfighting in Kakamega among others.

Nigeria is set to Benchmark with Kenya on cultural tourism and handicrafts to boost her tourism numbers. According to the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), Cross River State of Nigeria is keen on learning from Kenya’s cultural tourism product that has become a pulling factor for tourists besides beaches and wildlife safaris.

Alongside wildlife and beach trips in Kenya, Nigeria would like to learn from Kenya’s learning on how to develop and repackage culture as a product as well as embracing sustainable tourism through handicraft business. We are aware of Kenya’s zeal towards eco-tourism by giving community priorities in areas such as handicrafts, community-made wares among other opportunities that have a direct impact on local communities where tourism is being carried out,” Agba said in the statement.

About Calabar festival
Calabar city is a tourism hub for Nigeria attracting slightly over 0.5 million tourists a year through the famous Calabar Festival that usually takes place between November and December. The festival showcases culture like marriage, cuisine, costume, and dance. It should be noted that African countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Egypt among others benefit so much from tourism. To that note, however, each individual country is striving to find all the possible ways of promoting it.