Luxury Kenya camp Finch Hattons under renovation

Privately-owned and managed, Finch Hatton’s is one man’s dream to create an ideal, offering guests a unique opportunity to relive the golden era of the safari with elegance, first-class comforts and the finest cuisine surrounded by the spectacle of the great African wilderness.

Finch Hatton’s lies at the heart of Tsavo West National Park – part of Kenya’s single largest game park.

Finch Hatton’s 35-acre concession sits on the southwestern edge of Tsavo West. A green oasis fed by an underground spring that pumps a constant supply of water into three pools before disappearing back into the volcanic earth.

These pools are home to a resident pod of a hippopotamus who spend their days wallowing in the shallows and their nights grazing around the camp. Crocodiles and a healthy population of terrapins and monitor lizards are often seen sunning themselves at the water’s edge while a wide variety of game has been sighted in and around the camp which is unfenced so the animals come and go as they please. Birdlife at Finch Hatton’s is spectacular with over 200 locally recorded species.

Yellow barked Acacia Xanthophlea trees surround the tents which are beautifully located and offer comfortable and stylish accommodation in an idyllic setting. Many boast spectacular views directly overlooking the hippo pools and springs.