Enjoy A Uganda Gorilla Safari

Uganda is one of the most unique adventure safari destinations in East Africa. This country is very accessible from Tanzania and Kenya. The country is very safe for tourists and received thousands of visitors every year from different parts of the world such as Australia, South Africa, the United States of America, Canada, and UAE among others. The Western part of Uganda is not only famous for its numerous majestic hills and deep valleys but also very abundant in fauna and flora as well as the natural beauty that cannot be compared to other nations in Africa.

Uganda is also gifted by a wide variety of unique insects and over 1000 bird species. Despite the presence of all the attractions above, Uganda is home to 440 mountain gorillas, which is almost half of the ONLY world’s last remaining population, found in the impenetrable forests of Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga National Park, both located in southwestern Uganda. Uganda is the habitat of silverback mountain gorillas, which is a very popular species of the gorilla in Africa.

Mountain gorilla trekking is considered as one of the best tourism activities in Africa that attract thousands of visitors into Uganda every year. This is an astonishing tourist activity that no one should miss while on a safari in Africa. Tracking gorillas while on your Uganda gorilla safari in Africa an integral activity, wherein you will have a great opportunity to enjoy and stay in presence of the mountain gorillas in the wild misty jungles of Africa.

A Uganda gorilla safari will give you a chance to watch gorilla families in the wild which include the Silverbacks (Head of the group), twins, Babies and Juveniles feeding, playing, and swinging on the tree. This is a lifetime adventure experience in the Misty jungles in the heart of Africa. This is an imperative chance for you to see how gorillas live and enjoy their daily life. The only world’s last remaining population of mountain gorillas is found in the 3 countries of Africa namely, Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo.

The fact being that Uganda has half of the remaining population in the world (Gorilla census 2011), Uganda is considered as one of the best spots for mountain gorilla trekking experience. Jungle Safaris Uganda is one of the credible tour and travel companies that offer memorable safaris in Uganda to see gorillas and other wildlife at the best prices on the market. This can be an enjoying, tiring but worthy adventure that everyone will certainly enjoy.

Tips to enjoy your gorilla safari in Uganda
Before taking Uganda gorilla safari, you should be aware of some hints to enjoy the trek. First of all the trek is very strenuous, a certain degree of body fitness is required. One must be physically fit to successfully complete the trek. Secondly, you must possess a gorilla permit that costs US$600. This must be booked in advance because the demand is very high and few permits available per day. Gorilla permits can be booked directly through the Uganda Wildlife Authority or through your travel agent.
There is an age limit for gorilla trekking; Children below 15 years are NOT allowed to go gorilla trekking in Uganda. While with gorillas in the forest, you are advised to keep a distance of about 30 feet from gorillas to avoid transmitting human diseases to them.

Avoid using flashes when taking photos. Carry rainy jackets, a hut, Sun glasses, insect repellent, put on long pants and long-sleeved shirts/blouse for ladies and cover your hands with garden gloves. To get more information about Uganda gorilla safaris and travel tips, please visit the website http://www.junglesafarisuganda.com