Uganda’s Best Safari Lodges – Bwindi impenetrable National Park

Majority of the people traveling to Uganda for a holiday go for a safari, and most going for a luxury safari go to Bwindi National Park, home to half of the world’s last remaining population of the mountain gorillas. Most tourists come for Uganda gorilla safaris and spend not less than 2 nights in the impenetrable forests of Bwindi in southwestern Uganda.

Have you ever understood why Uganda is the Ultimate Bucket List Vacation Destination in East Africa? Safari is the biggest part of that, the main reason most Europeans make the trip. Bwindi itself is the nation’s top National Park for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, with modern facilities, overnight lodges, and good roads. Go to a top safari lodge with expert rangers, trackers, and vehicles. The best of these are found in Bwindi. The difference between a visit to a Park rest camp and a private lodge is so big as to be almost incomparable. The luxurious accommodations afford supreme privacy and luxury, with unfenced accommodations that make the most of the forest environs. Back at the lodges, you have an amazing level of true luxury accommodations, service, and cuisine. The best safari lodges accommodate few guests, many with less than 20 rooms, and some far less, and are little enclaves of paradise.

Bwindi contains the vast majority of the world’s greatest safari lodges, and this region alone has as many great choices as the rest of Uganda combined. Top luxury safari names such as Mahogany Springs, Buhoma Lodge, Bwindi Lodge, Ruhija Gorilla safari lodge, Clouds mountain gorilla lodge, Silverback lodge, and many more reside here. You really can’t go wrong at any of these. But if you compared it to urban hotels or resorts elsewhere, all of these would be at least 4-Star, but a couple would break out into the highest 5-Star category.

Choosing where to stay in Bwindi can be difficult and often boils down more to availability than preferences, especially if you go at a popular vacation time like Christmas. I know a couple of people who planned holiday trips and even 6 months ahead couldn’t get into their first, second, or third choices. Most of the desired safari lodges have few rooms and lodgings anywhere, for travelers from all around the world, and a year in advance is not too far to book for Christmas break or other peak times.
Bwindi is well-regarded as one of the best gorilla viewing spots on earth. Generally, gorillas are the most endangered of the great apes and for most safari-goers; gorilla tracking is the highlight of the trip. This rain forest is known for its abundance of primates including L’hoest and Colobus monkeys. What is predictable is that the better the ranger and tracker, the more likely you are to have a great wildlife experience.

These game viewing experiences are unparalleled and so are the lodges themselves. Buhoma lodge has a more classic African feel, with its home-like rooms. The luxury rooms are all extremely large and freestanding, and each has a deck with a private infinity balcony overlooking the wild, plus luxurious indoor bathrooms. All in all, it has an escapist wilderness feel of seclusion and understated luxury and when you are here it is like nothing else exists in the world.