Enjoy an Amazing Experience on Lake Victoria

In the event that you were wondering where you could see the largest lake on your safari, then don’t wonder anymore, what I’m talking about is the interesting and breathtaking lake which is the biggest freshwater body in Africa. This lake is situated in East Africa and shared by three countries – Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania and it is among the reasons for the increased number of tourists to East Africa. The lake was named Victoria after the Queen of England by the European Explore John Hannington Speke who was the first European to discover it in 1858 while on his campaign to find the source of the longest river the Nile. From then, several tours have been made to this spot making it one of the most visited destinations in Africa.

This lake is among the few African safari destinations that capture your attention by all means before you fly out of this God gifted destination. Aside from adding to the tourism industry of the region, the lake also serves different purposes for both the local people and tourists. The lake covers an area of 68800 square kilometers making it the world’s third-biggest lake after the Caspian sea and the Lake Superior in North America.

This amazing lake extends to the three East African countries and Uganda share 45% (12,000 sq mi) of the lake, Tanzania shares 49% (13,000 sq mi) and Kenya shares 6% (1,600 sq mi). To be honest, you will have nothing to tell if your safari to East Africa does not include a visit to this amazing lake.

The most interesting and entertaining tourist attraction on the lake is the amazing Ngamba Islands in Uganda which is more than only an island however it is also home and a chimpanzee sanctuary. The island harbors just about 50 chimpanzees well cared and catered for you appreciate nature. Its location on Lake Victoria makes it a perfect and beautiful hidden island, so why would u miss to visit this amazing island.

Another amazing tourist attraction on Lake Victoria is the well known Ssese islands, you can’t imagine since you have to visit these awesome islands. The islands are so breathtaking to an extent that you might think you are not on a lake. With delightful and pleasant looking beaches and resorts coupled with a cool wind from the lake, simply be guaranteed of an amazing experience which makes you feel at home. The islands have additionally got magnificent accommodation destinations that are their own and as you enjoy the cool wind, the wonderful sounds and sights of the birds on the island simply wrap up your tour in the region.

Another great and must-see destination on Lake Victoria is the Rusinga island and this is on the Kenyan side of the lake. The island is most known for its terrific and amazing birdlife with a variety of interesting bird species like the malachite kingfisher, the stunning white-necked dove and geese among others. This gives a conducive environment for bird lovers which is accompanied by spectacular views of the prehistoric monitor lizards prowling the banks of the island.

Being the mouth of almost the entire nation’s rivers like the Kagera, Katonga, Nakiyanja among others, the lake also gives life to them since, after a long journey of conveying their water, they all pour and rest in Lake Victoria implying that the lake additionally gives life to these amazing rivers. The lake shores have given birth to the important swamps that contribute to the formation of rainfall which additionally fosters the region’s awesome climate in general making it an automatic welcome to this amazing region.

The lake is also blessed with a variety of animals that will spice up your visit as you explore it and these include the amazing hippos and crocodiles found on most islands. You will see these animals and other interesting bird species like the malachite kingfishers while on your boat cruise on this breathtaking and lovely lake.

After exploring and enjoying the exciting tourist attractions on this lovely lake, obviously this comes with a variety of other adventurous activities that are amazing and breathtaking like kayaking where you can choose to jump into the lake and swim in this freshwater. The activity is amazing since the waters are calm and friendly. This activity gets more interesting when the sun is setting in the evening oozing out a cool wind and an unwinding experience.

Sportfishing is additionally another interesting activity you can do while on Lake Victoria. Actually most of the Ugandan fish is gotten from nowhere else yet mainly on this lake, so be guaranteed that among your catch might be the huge Nile perch that can be as heavy as 30kilogrammes. Other fish you can catch on your sports search are the tilapia, silverfish, mudfish among other fish so don’t miss to embrace Uganda tours with sport fishing.

Chimpanzee tracking is additionally a must-do activity while on this lake particularly at their great sanctuary on the Ngamba island. Get a great opportunity of chanting, playing, and associating with almost 50 chimpanzees on this island.

So please if you were searching for something amazing and astounding that you can include in your tour itinerary, don’t forget to include this amazing lake.