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A cultural safari experience at Igongo cultural Centre

When it comes to cultural safaris in Uganda, Igongo cultural centre would be the perfect destination to think of first. A private historical place aiming at conserving and showcasing the western cultures of Uganda; including the Bakiga, Batoro, Banyoro and Banyankole.

It's strategic position along the Kampala Mbarara highway makes it one of the must not miss enroute destinations that any trotter heading to the western national parks of Uganda. Whether it’s a gorilla safari to Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park, a lunch stopover at Igongo cultural centre would give more meaning to the trip.

Igongo cultural centre being located just four kilometers away from the Sanga gate of Lake Mburo national park, it is the most luxurious hotel one can ever stay around this place on a Uganda safari. It is almost a guarantee that all travelers to Lake Mburo national park and other major parks in western Uganda will visit Igongo cultural centre, and enjoy delicious meals served in this place..

A leading recreational centre in western Uganda, with one of the most captivating museums in Uganda, a simple yet classic restaurant and bar, as well as a luxurious and spacious five star hotel is the famous Igongo cultural centre.

The cultural centre proves that Uganda is a nation expanding in life and lifestyle presented through the diverse cultures. Countless tourists at Igongo cultural centre have acknowledged that we are the pearl of Africa not only because of the scenery and wildlife, but also of the cultural heritage.

Almost all cultures in south western are well exhibited at Igongo cultural centre. A walk in one of the most beautiful museums in Uganda; Erijukiro takes you through the foot prints of the fore fathers, cattle keeping, hunting and cultivating ways. Travelers still see how the Ankole women used to seek and express beauty.

A trip to Igongo cultural centre would be meaningless if one never views traditional milking process and ghee making in Ankole. These processes show that getting a meal in Ankole was a traditional art that was worth passing on from one generation to another.

A guided tour at the site takes you around the different traditional houses constructed with various forms of material; grass, wood and mud. This was the form of architecture that existed long way back before the modern houses and skyscrapers emerged.

About souvenirs, Igongo’s craft shop has the best handicrafts that anyone can ever carry back home to look on in remembrance their safari in Uganda. And for book lovers, Igongo cultural centre has a never failing bookshop. No tourist has ever failed to get a nice book to read while at the site.

More unique and exciting about the cultural site is that after a long walk through the footprints of Ankole kingdom, one finally gets refreshed at an onsite restaurant and a well-stocked bar. A superb selection of beers, spirits and wines, coupled with a package of local food consisting of fresh ingredients grown by the local farmers await all travelers who tour around the cultural centre at a very fair price.

When leaving Igongo cultural centre, a farewell treat of Ekitaguriro and Entogoro traditional performances of south western Uganda dances awaits you.

For real, with all that experience, if it’s not Igongo cultural centre for a cultural safari trip in Uganda, then which better destination can one go to?

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