Traveling to African Country of A Thousand Hills – Rwanda

Rwanda is famously known as “A Country of A Thousand Hills”, located in East Africa, and home to one of the last groups of mountain gorillas in the world. The fact that mountain gorillas are a critically endangered species, Volcanoes National Park Rwanda is one of the best places to go gorilla trekking in the World. A wide variety of Rwanda gorilla safari packages available online offered by over 100 travel agents found in Kigali capital city and in Ruhengeri town on the edges of Volcanoes National Park. and is renowned for its excellent tourist infrastructure and wide range of accommodation, from luxury game lodges and five-star hotels to friendly country houses, small hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, and camping and self-catering establishments.

Luxury: Rwanda has some of the most luxurious lodges and hotels in the East Africa, with names such as Lake Kivu Serena hotel, mountain Gorilla view lodge, Akagera game lodge, and hotel Mille Collines. You’ll also find that you often pay less in Rwanda for your luxury than elsewhere in the world. Safari lodges usually offer an all-inclusive package incorporating game drives, meals, and drinks. Most upmarket establishments also have spa facilities on site.

Mid-range: To save a bit of money, consider checking into one of the numerous bed-and-breakfast establishments on offer in Rwanda, or even hire a self-catering unit. Self- catering accommodation in Rwanda ranges from apartments and holiday villas to lodges and farm cottages. Guesthouses are generally slightly more expensive, but also worth considering if you want to experience a warm Rwanda welcome.

Budget: Rwanda has a well-developed network of backpacker accommodation options, some of which are surprisingly comfortable and luxurious. There is also an active camping community and you will find well- serviced campsites throughout the country, particularly in the national parks, including the popular volcanoes National Park. Pre-booking is generally advisable.

Special events: Rwanda offers a range of accommodation for special celebrations, including weddings. Plan an authentic African wedding, a ceremony in the bush with wildlife around you, a beach or mountain wedding, or a reception in the romantic landscapes.

Nip and tuck: Rwanda is among the most sought-after destinations to receive the best medical procedures and treatments at a reasonable cost with, if time permits, a recuperative holiday in the sun and some spectacular sightseeing threw in. Medical tourism includes medical procedures such as cosmetic surgery, dentistry, fertility, or rehabilitation, for which there are many excellent private facilities in Rwanda.

TRAVEL TIP: Bear in mind that grading in Rwanda is voluntary and so there may be many guest houses and Bed and breakfast that do not have star-grading but are still quality establishments. Look for recommendations from fellow travelers. Also check for off-season specials as there are great bargains to be had, especially in the luxury sector.

When to visit

Rwanda is in the southern hemisphere, so it is dry here when it’s winter in Europe and North America (November to February), which makes it ideal for anyone wanting to escape the cold weather. If you’re planning a safari, the wet season in Rwanda is very pleasant as it’s warm during the day and dry and cool at night. The late wet season is popular for game spotting game because the vegetation is sparse and animals visit the waterholes to drink.

Stay healthy

Rwanda has a well-developed healthcare system. There are public hospitals throughout Rwanda, but as in many other countries, you’ll probably get quicker care at a private hospital. Be sure to top up on medical insurance before leaving home. Well-qualified doctors, dentists, and other specialists can be found in the main centers but you will have to make an appointment to see one unless it’s an emergency.

Consult a healthcare professional in Rwanda about a suitable prophylactic. Your choice of drug will depend on how long you are visiting the malarial area, the time of year, and your personal health. The old adage ‘prevention is the best cure’ also holds true. Use repellent and cover-up at dawn and dusk when the mosquitoes are most active by wearing long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and shoes and socks, if possible.

TRAVEL TIP: If you develop a bad headache, have aching joints and recurring fevers and chills after your trip, advise your doctor that you have been in a malarial area. Malaria symptoms can sometimes be confused with flu symptoms.

HIV/Aids: While Rwanda has a high prevalence of HIV/Aids, your only real risk of contracting this syndrome is if you have unprotected sex with an infected individual. There should be no reason for unprotected sex as condoms are freely available in pharmacies and convenience stores. Antiretroviral are issued free to rape victims at Rwanda hospitals. Should you be the victim of a sexual assault, it’s essential that you get prophylactic treatment for HIV/Aids within 72 hours.

Personal medication: There are pharmacies throughout Rwanda and many everyday medications, such as painkillers, are available over the counter. Some large chain stores, like Clicks, also have in-store pharmacies that offer good value for money.

If you have a specific medical condition, it’s wise to carry the relevant doctor’s prescription with you. In the event of you losing your medication, a qualified pharmacist should be able to source a replacement, even if the trade name differs in Rwanda.