Travel South Africa: Inform yourself before you go!

The first thought that comes when one imagines traveling to South Africa is undeniably its rich wildlife parks. This is where there is the famous Kruger National Park that needs no introduction. He is one of the most famous tourist attractions on site. Most of the organized tours included in their programs. But there are many others …
Spread over more than a million square kilometers, the South African territory is also a gateway not only on the Indian Ocean but also on the Atlantic Ocean. The country also meets with the sea and mountains than plains and deserts.

To this is added a population as varied as the landscape. These advantages make the largest economy on the African continent.
South Africa is a vast country that deserves to be covered in both the land and on the sea. Both coasts offer many sports activities such as scuba diving or surfing. Whether one is a follower of wildlife or sea, there is something for everyone. Before visiting South Africa, take note of the following;

+ South Africa is one of Africa’s most interesting for the observation of nature.
+ The beaches are superb.
+ No time difference.
+ The seasons are reversed compared to France.
– There is great insecurity in urban areas, particularly in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
– The cost of living is relatively high.