Rwanda Safari, Explore the Unbelievable Beauties of Africa

In the event that you have ever been on a gorilla safari in Rwanda, you will unquestionably come back to this place. You will want to return and repeat the experience because of the amazing setting of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is like nowhere else on the planet and is the national park that provided the scenery for the famous movie, Gorillas in the Mist. After spending a maximum of one hour with the mountain gorillas, these huge, energetic, amazing animals, gives such a sense of unity with nature that you will be longing to feel its peacefulness and excitement again.

In terms of gorilla trekking, Rwanda does not offer the same density of Gorillas as Uganda, actually, there are only around 900 gorillas left in the region – yet gorilla trekking here is just as amazing as it is in Uganda, as the spotting of these rare creators is generally as frequent, and the spotting sites are much easier to find than in Uganda. The wildlife reserves offer tremendous game watching chance besides gorillas as well and the flora of the region is also interesting.

Getting In, Starting Your Gorilla Trekking
Rwanda has regulations so you will need to acquire a gorilla permit to go on a safari to see mountain gorillas. There are three distinct tracks you can choose to get to gorilla spotting points, and each of them can be accessed with different gorilla permits.

Your safari will begin in Kigali which is an exceptionally interesting city, as well, just the right backdrop to set you in the right mood for seeing the mountain gorillas, one of the main attractions is the crafts museum. While this historical center shows the amazing antiques created by the Rwandan people, the other gallery frequented by travelers is a much sadder place: the Genocide Museum.

The Gorilla Safari, Rwanda National Parks and Their Attractions
The gorilla safari can last from two days to more than a week. Organized trips usually start from Kigali. The trekkers also go to Akagera National Park, a place that is known for swamps, famous for game watching drives to sport different animals more especially the hippos and elephants. The safari then usually continues towards Nyungwe Forest, the home of the giant lobelia, some astonishing bird species unique to the area, and orchids.

The actual gorilla trekking usually is done on the 6th or 7th day of the safari, in the Volcanoes National Park, followed by the return to takeoffs on the next day.

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