Exploring Lake Victoria in Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country surrounded by various lakes and among the lakes include Lake Victoria is the biggest and stunning lake with fresh water in Uganda and the whole of East Africa region. Lake Victoria is considered to be the third-largest freshwater lake in the world and it’s approximated to be covering an area of 68800square kilometers. The prominent water body located in the heart of Uganda is one of the interesting wonders in the pearl of Africa attracting many tourists into the country.

Lake Victoria derived its name after the explorer John Hannington Speke who was on his Uganda exploratory trip to discover the source of River Nile in the year 1858 and from that time to date various travelers and explorers have been traveling to Uganda to follow the footsteps of the first explorer who discovered the lake.

Exploring Lake Victoria is an experience in which visitors planning their safaris to Uganda should get involved because the Nalubale Lake popularly known as Victoria Lake has various beautiful different beautiful Islands that are dotted in various parts in the lake, for instance, the magnificent Ssese Island, Ngamba islands. These Islands provide the best relaxing grounds and centers for visitors interested in different refreshing, mind relaxing activities like swimming; others have beaches, Resorts where leisure seeking travelers can spend a good time while on their holiday to Uganda.

The varied Victoria Island is endowed with the stunning nice-looking sandy beaches and resorts, lodges campsites, served with calm, cool atmosphere coming from the lake especially in the evening and morning hours. The lake is the only place where one can maximally enjoy his or her adventure safaris in the pearl of Africa because taking cruise ship in Victoria’s waters is so marvelous with rewarding scenic views of different eco-systems surviving in the bank of the lake.

Exploring Lake Victoria enables the traveler to enjoy the sights and views of various wild animal species that are easily watched in the banks of the lake and some of the wildlife is water-dwelling such as the hippos, Crocodiles, and water-based bird species. One can also explorer different tourist activities like spot fishing in the white waters of Nalubale lake as well as kayaking, water rafting, boat cruising among others.