Ruzizi Tented Camp in Rwanda – Akegara National Park

A well-proven concept elsewhere in Africa, this tented lodge is the first of its kind in Rwanda. Ruzizi is built on the shores of Lake Ihema, Rwanda’s second-largest lake, in a tract of unique dry forest. While on your safari in Rwanda, never miss staying at this Camp for a true African experience. There are nine tents, spaced widely apart on either side of a thatched reception and dining area, set back from the lakeshore and hidden among swaying palms and fruiting fig trees. With a maximum of 20 guests, the lodge a quiet and intimate retreat! Each tent has its own en-suite bathroom with hot and cold running water, a dressing area, and a comfortable queen (four tents) or ¾ twin beds (three tents).

One tent contains a queen and two normal single beds to accommodate a family of four, and the luxury ‘tree-top’ tent boasts a king-sized bed, freestanding bath, and an outdoor shower. Each tent has a small patio at the front and all are accessible by wooden boardwalks.

Another boardwalk leads to a large deck with a fireplace sits under a shady fig tree overlooking Lake Ihema. The Lodge is entirely powered by solar energy and the lodge prides itself on being environmentally conscious.

Ruzizi was built by the park management as part of a Tourism Development Plan to increase park revenue for the long term sustainability of the park. 100% of the profits from your stay at Ruzizi Tented Lodge, as well as your park and activity fees, go towards the protection, conservation, and development of the entire park.

Construction on Ruzizi Tented Lodge began in January 2012 and was completed in time for opening in November 2012. The Lodge was designed and built by the Park Management and locally employed builders and laborers. Where possible, materials were sourced locally to further contribute to the local economy.

The Lodge was designed to blend, in, and feel physically connected, to the surrounding environment. Where possible, trees and vegetation have been undisturbed during the construction, and even incorporated into the structure. Natural materials and colors have been used.

The boardwalk between the lodge and tents is a safety precaution and also restricts movement to leave a ‘light footprint’ on the ground.

Location and Access

Ruzizi Tented camp is found in Akagera National Park in the western part of Rwanda near the Tanzania border. Take a wildlife safari in Rwanda to this park and enjoy the beauty of Ruzizi lodge with other activities like a boat ride on Lake Ihema, bird watching, nature walk, and photographing among others.

Child Policy

Ruzizi Tented Lodge was not developed with young children in mind: the lodge is on the edge of a lake; all areas are accessible by raised boardwalks, which can be fairly high in places, with handrails providing security for adults but not adequate for small children; and tents are widely spaced apart. Families with young children are welcome at Ruzizi Tented Lodge provided parents are aware of these safety issues and are prepared to pay closer attention to their children.

Children should never be left unattended during their stay at Ruzizi and the safety of children in the lodge is the responsibility of the parents.

This policy applies to all children from 0 up to and including 16 years old. Persons from 17 years and above will require their own room at the applicable adult rates.

0 – 5 Years – Accommodated at no additional cost, sharing with adults
– Cost of food and drinks apply
– Camp beds are provided. Cots are not available for small babies and travel cots must be brought

6 – 16 Years
– Accommodated at the child rate if sharing with an adult
– Cost includes breakfast and dinner 17 Years and above
– Adult rates apply
– Accommodated in their own tent
Power and Water

The tented lodge is entirely powered by a solar system. While we encourage you to enjoy the lodge and take advantage of the clean power to charge any electrical items, we also ask that you be conscious of our power usage by not leaving lights on unnecessarily, or by leaving fully charged items plugged into power points. Each tent has its own solar hot water system.

Whilst there should be sufficient water for your stay, please be conscious of your water usage, particularly hot water, and do not leave taps on unnecessarily. Water is pumped, also using solar energy, from a borehole. It has been tested and is safe for human consumption; however, we recommend you do not drink water straight from the tap.

A bottle of drinking water is provided for you in your room daily. Tap water is adequate for brushing your teeth and washing.



Breakfast is served from 5.30 am onwards on the deck. Lodge staff will ask you approximately what time you would like breakfast in the morning. Breakfast may differ slightly from day-to-day but generally consists of local fruits, homemade pieces of bread, breakfast muffins and condiments, and eggs made to order, fresh fruit juice, tea, and coffee.


Lunch is not included in the rate but a limited lunch menu is available if requested. Packed lunches can also be organized for you if you plan to be in the park, or on the road, but this must be arranged with lodge staff the night before they will be needed.


Dinner is served in the dining room at 7 pm. Dinner is a set 3-course menu, freshly prepared by our chefs, and will differ daily. Examples include a braai with a selection of meats and salads, a variety of gourmet pizzas, or a selection of potjie dishes, followed by a dessert of the day and tea and coffee. If you have any allergies or specific dietary requirements please inform the lodge when making your booking.


Reservations for Ruzizi Tented Camp can be made through credible travel agents in Kigali such as African Jungle Adventures, Gorilla Expeditions, Lets Go Tours Rwanda, Sunrise Tours, and Travel, Rwanda Eco-Tours and many others.