If you’re looking for a car to hire for business or safari travel in Uganda, the best way to save money is to perfectly compare the prices of the car online and not only the rates put on the websites since prices can change at any time based on the economic conditions and the personal needs. These are some of the things you have to know before hiring a car in Uganda. From the size of the car, the number of people you’re going to travel with, prices, special discounts, company status to a required driver documents and extra rates included.

The size of the car matters
Most car rental companies in the country charge you according to the size of the vehicle you want to hire. The size of the car is determined by the number of people it carry, seating capacity and car model type. Large vehicles like minivans and minibuses can carry up to 15 – 50 passengers and small cars like sedans can take a maximum of 5 people and they all charged differently.

Special discounts
Before you hire car in Uganda, another thing you should consider is discount, many companies in Uganda offer special discount to clients in different days, season and the according to the size of the group. At 4x4 Uganda Ltd we offer special discount at any client who is booking the vehicle for long days like 5 and above. Even when you’re in a group when you need like 2 or more cars at once, we have your special discount. For those on weekend getaways still you can also ask for your 30% discount in weekend car.

The number of people and size of luggage you’re travelling with
This is also another factor that can affect the price of the car you will hire, in the way that if you travelling independently or as a couple, you will just need a simple 4 door passenger vehicle like Toyota Rav 4, Premio or any other economical car to save money on rates of fuel and even those small vehicles are offered at low price. But if you’re travelling as a group like family and carrying huge luggage, then you will need a large vehicle like minibus which can accommodate many passengers and luggage even sometimes you might need an extra vehicle to carry your luggage.

Destination where you’re hopping to travel to
This is another important factor you should not undermined when hiring a car in Uganda, for example if you’re going to drive just within the city centre its better you get a simple car like Rav 4, but when you’re going to travel upcountry like to explore Uganda national parks, its recommended that you hire a 4x4 safari vehicle because most roads upcountry are in bad conditions, so you might get stranded there if you take a small car.

Valid driving permit/license is required
This is any another thing you should consider when hopping to hire a car in Uganda. All car rental companies in Uganda before giving you their car, they ask for your valid driving permit and they remain with a photocopy of your driving permit and passport photo, and it’s also recommended to keep the traffic laws and also to be patient when you’re on road.

Car rental Company Status
Before thinking of hiring a car from a certain company, you should first research on that company you want to deal with because there are many fake companies online. So before wiring your commitment fee to any company first make sure the company is fully registered, reliable and if they are offering fair rates.

Ask about the hidden chrages
Before you decide to hire the vehicle from any company in Uganda, you should ask about the priced and hidden charges to avoid disappointments at last time. You should talk about the fuel charges whether it is included on the prices most car company offer rates without fuel and driver so it’s better to talk about it before you hire. Also most companies charge extra money if you return the vehicle past on the agreed date.

Other fees that may apply include; GPS device, Travel map, camping bags among others
For more information about hiring cars in Uganda, visit our website www.4x4uganda.com or send us an Email at info@4x4ugada.com or call us on +256-392-000834 and hire a car of your choice today.

Rwanda formally known as the Republic of Rwanda is an Independent country in the East Africa and is among the smallest states on African Continent. It’s located south of the equator, bordering Uganda in the north, Burundi in the south, Tanzania in the East and DR. Congo in the west. The country is in African Great Lakes Region and its geography is dominated savanna in the east and mountains in the west and due to the rolling landscape the country earned it’s the name ‘land of thousand hills’

Numerous visitors come to Rwanda to trek mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, which has spread the good news about the country as a peaceful and perfect destination for tourists, changing the bad picture made by the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Other than the mountain gorillas, different attractions incorporate the golden monkeys in Volcanoes National Park, birds and wildlife in Akagera National Park, chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest National Park and obviously, the Rwandan interesting culture.

The country is an amazing family tour destination with awesome places to visit, incorporating three wildlife parks with stunning wildlife, Rift Valley lakes, and the busy capital city of Kigali, which is incredible for phenomenal family outing in and around the city.

Here are some of the best and interesting cities to visit with a family in Rwanda

Lake Kivu
late-afternoon-serena-hotel-lake-kivu-rwandaLake Kivu is the among the Africa Great Lakes situated along the border of Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. The lake is among the highest altitude Rift Valley lakes found above 1,460 meters above the sea level. Lake Kivu is large with shallow waters perfect for swimming, kayaking and boat cruise.

There are three tourist towns found at the shore of this lake; including Lake Kivu. Gisenyi is the most famous one. Situated on the northern shores, it is blessed with white sandy shorelines and amazing views of the Rift Valley scenes and the Virunga Volcanoes.

Here, there are a lot of chances for trips and water sports on the lake itself. Gisenyi has variety of vacationer hotels on the lake shores, including Lake Kivu Serena Hotel, Waterfront Resort Lake Kivu and Gorillas Lake Kivu Hotel.

The other town at the shores of Lake Kivu are Karongi, which is effectively reached from Kigali and is clamoring with market and lodgings, and Rusizi on the remote southern shores of the Lake.

Butare Town
rwanda-national-museumThe town of Butare otherwise called Huye, is found in the southern of the country. This once a colonial town offers tourists an insight into the way of life, history and modern day life of the people of Rwanda.

Your family can visit the Rwanda National Museum where you can discover more about the pre and post colonial history of Rwanda and the traditional culture of Rwanda displayed through relics.

Another interesting destination to visit with family in Rwanda is the Gikongoro Genocide memorial found just outside the Butare Town. It is found in just a 15minutes drive from Butare Town. Local tour guides will clarify how the huge number of Tutsi was killed during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

Huye market is a busy town with bars, restaurants and shops with local and international cuisine to feast on. Tourists can appreciate everything from meat omelets, fish omelets, and boiled cassava, to sandwiches, pork, chicken and vegan dishes. Also the local market can be visited during the day, there are various hotels for overnight stays, including Motel da Munt Huye, Hotel Ibis and Shalom House.

Kigali City
kigali-cityKigali is the capital and business center of Rwanda and also is home to International hotel chains, such as Radisson and Serena, in addition to a host of local casinos, craft shops, shopping malls and bars. There are also good banks and forex bureaus in case you want to exchange, deposit or withdraw money.

In addition to the shop and local markets, a tour around Kigali City also offers tourists a visit to genocide memorial centers. This memorial center is a remembrance of the genocide incident that happened in the country in 1994 that claimed the lives of over 800,000 people with just 100 days.

The Gisozi, otherwise called the Kigali Genocide memorial, is a burial ground where 250,000 Rwandans where killed and buried. In this genocide memorial center there are three exhibitions including educational sections, children’s exhibitions, gardens and archives telling the story of the genocide.

Still on Kigali city tour, you can visit other genocide memorial centers like, Murambi, Ntarama and Nyamata churchs situated in the southern part of the city. These have melancholy displays including skeletal remains of the casualties of the genocide. A visit to these places is a lesson in building reconciliation.

Tours to see the mountain gorillas in Africa have become one of the leading and most adventurous activity in the world. Thousands of visitors to Africa visit Volcanoes National Park Rwanda to take part in the daily gorilla tours to see these gentle giants in their natural habitat.

Mountain Karisimbi View in Rwanda

While on your gorilla tour in Rwanda, never miss adventurous trek to the peak of mountain Karisimbi, requiring on 2 days and 1 night camping in the mountains.

About Mountain Karisimbi in Rwanda

Mount Karisimbi is the highest of the eight volcanoes in the magnificent Virunga Mountains. It has a huge dome, now dormant, that dominates the range, more in girth than in height.

Karisimbi means White shell in Kinyaruanda, which refers to its often white-capped summit. Interestingly, this cap results not from snow but from hail and sleet which accumulate in the higher elevations from its frequent storms.

Mountain Karisimbi is situated in Volcanoes national Park which is also known as the Parc National Des Volcans, located in northern Rwanda, less than 2 hour drive from Kanombe International Airport.

Mountain Karisimbi stand at an elevation of about 4507m above sea level. The mountain is situated along the border between Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda on the western branch of the Eat African Rift valley.

Climbing Mountain Karisimbi is a strenuous and it requires a minimum of 2 days hike. The climb starts early in the morning taking 6 hours and involves navigating through the Bisoke side before reaching the first stopping place at an altitude of 3,700 metres for overnight camping before finishing off the journey the next day.

The hike to the summit of Mountain Karisimbi rewards the view of several bird species, monkeys and some times mountain gorillas to lucky visitors. As you climb Mountain Karisimbi, be a ware of rain which can come at any time due to the altitude. Therefore, it is advisable to move with rain Jackets.

Some level of fitness is needed to climb mountain Karisoke and it is wise to hire porters to help you carry your day pack and hiking equipment. No prior climbing experience required.

You need 4-5 day safari package in Rwanda to combine gorilla tracking and mountain Karisimbi climbing and the itinerary can be as below in brief;

Proposed Itinerary for Gorilla Tour and Mt. Karisimbi Hiking in Rwanda

Day 1: Kigali city tour, lunch, Transfer to Volcanoes National Park

Day 2: Gorilla Tracking, afternoon relaxation

Day 3: Start Mt. Karisimbi hiking, overnight camping in the mountains

Day 4: Reach the summit, descend to the base, relax at your lodge or drive back to Kigali where the tour ends.

Other Tour Activities around Virunga Region

Your visit to Virunga region not only rewards you with mountain gorilla tracking but also other interesting tour activities such as golden monkey tracking, community tours around the Virungas in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo, forest hiking, visiting the tombs of Dian Fossey, Mt. Bisoke hiking, Trekking the active volcanoes of Nyiragongo and Nyamurangira in DR Congo and many others.

Similarities between Nyungwe Forest and Volcanoes National Park:

Both Volcanoes and Nyunge forest National Parks are found in Rwanda – the country of a thousand hills.

Water Channel in Nyungwe National park Rwanda

Both parks host primates. Volcanoes National Park hosts Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys while Nyungwe Forest protects 13 primate species including Chimpanzees, vervet monkeys, mona monkeys, olive baboon among others.

Nyungwe and Volcanoes National Parks are ranked among the world heritage sites. In other words, both parks are world heritage sites.

Both parks protect birds- therefore; birding can be conducted in Nyungwe Forest and Volcanoes National Parks.
Both parks are accessed from Kigali city/ Airport.

Both Parks are known internationally.

The two parks are under control of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) to ensure welfare of all wildlife.

Volcanoes and Nyungwe Forest National Parks were officially opened for tourism activities.

Nyungwe and Volcanoes National Park are home for Rwanda’s major tourist attractions, Chimpanzees and Gorillas respectively.

Both Parks offer employment opportunities to people hence reducing unemployment rates.

Differences between Nyungwe Forest and Volcanoes National Park:

Nyugwe National Park is dominated by rain forest while Volcanoes National park bamboo forests.

Baby Gorilla in bambou forest Rwanda

Nyungwe National Park is Larger than Volcanoes National park – the park lies within the 2,040 square kilometres (790 sq mi) while Nyungwe forest Spreads over 1,020km².

Nyungwe became a National Park in 2004 as Rwanda sought to increase its tourism beyond the country’s mountain gorillas of Volcanoes National Park, and is certainly worthy of its status because of its spectacular biodiversity While Volcanoes National Park in 1929. There fore, Nyungwe is one of the newly officiated parks in Rwanda.

Nyungwe forest protects 13 primate species more than Volcanoes National Park’s two species (endangered mountain gorillas and rare golden Monkeys).

Nyungwe Forest National park is dominated by tall trees than Volcanoes National Park which is dominated by bamboo.

Volcanoes National Park is situated in Virunga Mountain a range which is not the case with Nyungwe Forest National park.

From Kigali, reaching Volcanoes National park is 2 hours drive while Nyungwe is 6 hours. Therefore, Nyungwe Forest National Park is situated far away from Kigali capital than Volcanoes National Park.

Volcanoes national Park hosts the chief tourist attraction in Rwanda – which is Mountain Gorillas.

Statistically, Volcanoes National park receives more Visitors than Nyungwe Forest National Park. This is because tourists come to Rwanda mostly to see Gorillas – this is according to annual RDB statistical data. It should be noted that, Rwanda has a perfect destination for gorilla tracking in the world in its Volcanoes National park, regarded to be the leading Rwanda safari park, thus receiving a huge number of tourists than other parks.

Volcanoes National Park is situated in the northern part of Rwanda while Nyungwe National park the South West corner of Rwanda.

Volcanoes National park surrounded by volcanic peaks while Nyungwe National park is surrounded by tropical forests.
It is only in Nyungwe Forest National park where canopy walk is conducted.

queen-elizabeth-parkA safari to Uganda to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park one of the most loved and travelled to park in the country will be so amazing for you, this is on the grounds that in just three days, you will be able to explore the magnificence of this extensive protected area which has continued attracting more tourists from different parts of the world to come forUganda tours. The park has a variety of tourist activities and attractions which are so amazing to the eyes of anybody wishing and planning to visit it. Some of the attractions in the park include; a variety of wildlife species, primates like chimpanzees in kyambura gorge, Kazinga channel, salt lake and many others.

On the first day you will arrive in Uganda at Entebbe International Airport and will be transferred to this beautiful national park, on arrival, check in at the lodge of your choice since this park has a wide range of accommodation facilities from luxury, mid range and budget lodges, so your safari budget will choose what kind of accommodation you will have. This first day at the lodge gives a chance to enjoy an evening game drive within the national park and get an opportunity to see numerous wildlife species including; the kobs, elephants, monkeys, lions, buffalos and many others. You can also have an optional night game drive where you will have the chance to see Nocturnal animals in the park.

The second day is an exceptional one since you get an opportunity to view and track the chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge, these primates are so amazing to watch in their habitants. You are normally given a maximum of one hour to watch these chimps and take some photographs. Toward the evening, you will participate in a boat cruise of the Kazinga channel were you get an opportunity to see many water animals drinking water to cool off the hot sun, some of the animals you will see here include; hippos, crocodiles, many bird species, buffalos and among others.

The third and the last day in Queen Elizabeth National Park will be special in the way that you will enjoy an early morning game drive to see the early risers. Continue to the salt lake in Katwe and after that sign out at the lodge and transfer back to your Kampala or to your next destination. Get the chance to enjoy different vegetation cover as you go back to Kampala and this makes the end of our trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park in the western Uganda.

mv-kalangalaIn the event that you were wondering where you could see the largest lake on your safari, then don't wonder any more, what I'm talking about is the interesting and breathtaking lake which is the biggest fresh water body in Africa. This lake is situated in East Africa and shared by three countries – Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and it is among the reasons for the increased number of tourists to East Africa. The lake was named Victoria after the Queen of England by the European Explore John Hannington Speke who was the first European to discover it in 1858 while on his campaign to find the source of the longest river the Nile. From then, several tours have been made to this spot making it one of the most visited destinations in Africa.

This lake is among the few African safari destinations that capture your attention by all means before you fly out of this God gifted destination. Aside from adding to the tourism industry of the region, the lake also serves different purposes to both the local people and tourists. The lake covers an area of 68800 square kilometers making it the world's third biggest lake after the Caspian sea and the Lake Superior in North America.

This amazing lake extends to the three East African countries and Uganda share 45% (12,000 sq mi) of the lake, Tanzania share 49% (13,000 sq mi) and Kenya share 6% (1,600 sq mi). To be honest, you will have nothing to tell if your safari to East Africa does not include a visit to this amazing lake.

The most interesting and entertaining tourists attraction on the lake is the amazing Ngamba Islands in Uganda which is more than only an island however it is also home and a chimpanzee sanctuary. The island harbors just about 50 chimpanzees well cared and catered for you appreciate nature. Its location on Lake Victoria makes it a perfect and beautiful hidden island, so why would u miss to visit this amazing island.

Another amazing tourist attraction on Lake Victoria are the well known Ssese islands, you can't imagine since you have to visit these awesome islands. The islands are so breathtaking to an extent that you might think you are not on a lake. With delightful and pleasant looking beaches and resorts coupled with a cool wind from the lake, simply be guaranteed of an amazing experience which makes you feel at home. The islands have additionally got magnificent accommodation destinations that are their own and as you enjoy the cool wind, the wonderful sounds and sights of the birds on the island simply wrap up your tour in the region.

Another great and must see destination on Lake Victoria is the Rusinga island and this is on the Kenyan side of the lake. The island is most known for its terrific and amazing bird life with a variety of interesting bird species like the malachite king fisher, the stunning white necked dove and geese among others. This gives a conductive environment for bird lovers which is accompanies by spectacular views of the prehistoric monitor lizards prowling the banks of the island.

Being the mouth of almost the entire nation's rivers like the Kagera, Katonga, Nakiyanja among others, the lake also gives life to them since after a long journey of conveying their water, they all pour and rest in Lake Victoria implying that the lake additionally give life to these amazing rivers. The lake shores have give birth to the important swamps that contributes to the formation of rainfall which additionally fosters the region's awesome climate in general making it an automatic welcome to this amazing region.

lake-victoriaThe lake is also blessed with a variety of animals that will spice up your visit as you explore it and these include the amazing hippos and crocodiles found on most islands. You will see these animals and other interesting bird species like the malachite kingfishers while on your boat cruise on this breathtaking and lovely lake.

After exploring and enjoying the exciting tourist attractions on this lovely lake, obviously this comes with a variety of other adventurous activities that are amazing and breathtaking like kayaking where you can choose to jump into the lake and swim in this fresh water. The activity is amazing since the waters are calm and friendly. This activity gets more interesting when the sun is setting at evening oozing out a cool wind and an unwinding experience.

Sport fishing is additionally another interesting activity you can do while on Lake Victoria. Actually most of the Ugandan fish is gotten from nowhere else yet mainly on this lake, so be guaranteed that among your catch might be the huge Nile perch that can be as heavy as 30kilogrammes. Other fish you can catch on your sport search are the tilapia, silver fish, mud fish among other fish so don't miss to embrace Uganda tours with sport fishing.

Chimpanzee tracking is additionally a must do activity while on this lake particularly at their great sanctuary on the Ngamba island. Get a great opportunity of chanting, playing, and associating with almost 50 chimpanzees on this island.

So please if you were searching for something amazing and astounding that you can include in your tour itinerary, don’t forget to include this amazing lake.

Rwanda is a small land locked country making part of the East African community. The country is emerging up as one of the leading tourist destination in Africa. Among the places to visit in Rwanda include Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest and Akagera wildlife park as well as culture and genocide museums. The magnificent Volcanoes National Park Rwanda is the leading tourist destination in East Africa due to presence of the endangered mountain gorillas. Gorilla tracking is the most popular tourist attraction into the country.travel tips

It's important to remember that what may be acceptable behaviour, dress and language in your own country, may not be appropriate in another. Please keep this in mind while travelling.
Below are the top responsible travel tips for Rwanda
1. Be considerate of Rwanda’s customs, traditions, religion and culture.

2. Descent dressing is highly recommended. In other words, visitors to Rwanda are advised to dress modestly and respectfully- Clothes which cover body parts are highly recommended especially in worshiping places.

3. Ask permission, remove your shoes and cover your shoulders with a jacket or wrap before entering a place of worship.

4. To protect the environment, avoid polythen bags or papers and try to avoid buying bottled water. Carry a reusable water bottle or canteen with filtered water instead.

5. Learn some local language and don't be afraid to use it - simple greetings and thanking will help break the ice.

6. Shop for locally made products like crafts and wooded materials. In doing so, you are supporting local artisans helps keep traditional crafts alive.

7. Avoid supporting businesses that exploit or abuse endangered animals and birds.

8. Always seek permission before taking photos of people, businesses, and buildings among others. Without people consent, please do not take photos.

9. When on community visits or home stays, refrain from giving gifts or money to locals. However, if you are visiting orphanages, please give to the needy.

10. Respect Rwanda’s recent history. Try to avoid discussing politics, ethnicity or genocide because some Rwandans would not like to remind about their past bad experience.

11. Always follow instructions when trekking primates like Gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, colobus monkeys among others.

12. Always listen to your safari guides’ advise and try to ask where you have not understood.

13. Try to keep time set to start any activity. Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking starts in the morning at around 8am among others.

trekking-with-gorillas-in-congoAt Gorilla Expeditions Ltd one of the leading tour and travel company in East and Central Africa, we can scale trips up or down according to the desires of our clients. We take visitors to visit the great apes, and researcher to search for rare sub-species. In most cases, we take couples or group of four and above into the Albertine Rift for 4 or 5 days of primates tracking and staying in brilliant eco-lodges.

There is untold amazing experience in these forests. Several years ago I was trekking through the DR. Congo side of the Virunga Forest, the oldest national park in Africa, with my friends James and David, who were taking me to see a gorilla family whose leader had been recently shot and killed by soldiers. Unusually, after the passing of the previous silverback, a wild, ex-solitary silverback had assumed leadership of what was a group/family of habituated gorillas (those familiar with human vicinity).

As we approached, it proves to be very uncomfortable and refused to allow us closer, yet he could not persuade other gorillas flee. He shouted, beat his chest and thrashed about the vegetation as an evil spirit. In the long run, we surrendered our pursuit and sat in a dry riverbed. At the same time, gorillas began to rise over the trees and cross the riverbed a few meters from us, great black, hairy, charismatic, mammals moving like shadows. They wanted to see us. This was the first time I felt their kinship.

Taking after 50% increased in cost of gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda, $750, trekking gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which costs only $400 per day, has got to be popular again. Although they appear as like high costs for park permits, there are just too few gorillas in the wild, and their home is too fragile, for it, making it impossible to cost less.

Johnson My driver and I have done incalculable trips across East Africa. But our most loved direction out of Kampala is to west. Few destinations in the world are amazing like the DR. Congo. On one occasion, we took a party to meet a small, separate population of gorillas in the Congo, considered to be unique subspecies. We crossed the border and headed to a higher Rift Valley escarpment, where we parked the car.

The difficult climb to Kalibina Camp at 3000m on the slopes of Mount Tshiaberimu took two and half hours. The last of our adventure to come nightfall, and we gathered around the campfire. I clarified that whether they were a unique subspecies of gorilla or not, the relative isolation of this population have a vital reserve in the gene pool of gorillas.

The next morning, with a light rain falling, we set off on our trek. After a few hours of trekking in the forest, the smell of rot and fresh growth bursting from every footfall, we found them foraging in a bamboo forest, a small group of gorillas including a silverback, an mature female, young women and infant male. Compared to other sub-species I have encountered, Tshiaberimu gorillas are quite small.

Commonly, while adults were busied themselves somewhere else, the youths paid us their full attention. The female was more interested in Jonson than anything else, pulling on his clothes and looking him and down. The ranger guide tried to discourage her, but every time she retreated her younger brother, 33% of its size, provoked her to return. She would clearly then pleasure herself, before charging back to grab Jonson by his trousers. She tried to us when we left, and it required a decent deal of effort to stop her. In my 20 years watching gorillas, I'd never seen anything like it.

It is possible to trek gorillas on Tshiaberimu by organizing with the Congolese Wildlife Authority (iccn.gorillacd.org) or any tour company operating in DR. Congo like Gorilla Expeditions Ltd. This is a trek everyone can do and it is certainly worth the physical effort, however there is as yet very little demand. But, if Tshiaberimu turns into a well known destination, the Congolese Wildlife Authority would be wise to limit the permits severely – there are just 21 gorillas on that mountain.

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Excellent and amazing photos of various safari destinations across Africa have been shown on this website. You may get all the details about the most of the highly recommended tourist attractions too.

Ruboni Community, the Bakonzo group of people dominates the slopes of Rwenzori Mountain which is also known as Mountains of the moon. Ruboni community is home to around 2,000 Bakonzo, in the foothills of the Rwenzoris.


Village walk through the Ruboni community will expose you to Bakonzo daily activities like animal keeping, crop growing, and hunting among others. Socialize with blacksmith, traditional healer, basket weavers and storytellers and enjoy a vibrant dance performance accompanied by lively drumming.

While in the Bakonzo community, expect to seen colorful native birds such as the Rwenzori Turaco, tiny sun birds and Cinnamon-chested Bee-eaters, chameleons, squirrels and vervet monkeys among others.

Your Local guide will also expose you to Mihunga village - The Bakonzo tribe lived here for over 300 years with no electricity or running water. This includes a demonstration by a traditional healer, whose herb-based concoctions are believed to cure many ailments. There is also a trip to the village school, a crafts demonstration and a lively dance performance.

Visitors can also choose to walk with a local guide through the surrounding forests. They may be lucky enough to spot brightly colored turacos in the forest canopy. The expert guides will be able to point out other species such as bee-eaters, sun-birds and playful black-and-white colobus monkeys.

Bulemba-Ihandiro Cultural community where visitors will encounter the traditional healer, explaining his powers, known as muhima; and to the local blacksmith, who will reveal the spiritual significance of the traditional Bakonzo stool. Basket weaving and fire making skills are also demonstrated along the route. These are some of the activities one can do on addition to climbing Mount Rwenzori which is one of the major tourist attractions in Western part of Uganda.